Chalkboard Paint Ideas

I’ll admit it. I am unorganized. In the rare event that I actually write something down, there is a solid possibility that I will lose the paper. It got to the point that my left forearm is occasionally covered in notes like I am part of a bad Memento sequel because I may lose the paper, but odds are pretty good I won’t lose my arm. Chalkboard paint seems like it could be a perfectly plausible solution for my lack of organization.  Continue reading


Leather on the Walls


There is a lot of different options to avoid the typical semi-gloss on drywall look. One I recently came across which I really like is putting leather on walls. Having a finely tanned hide on your wall will be a welcome change from the typical wall. I searched for a bunch of “leather wall” pictures, and posted them here foryour consideration. Continue reading

Home Art Gallery

Estersohn_portfolioBare walls are boring. This can be a great way to express yourself, but many guys choose to let a wall remain merely covered in paint and little else. However, if you are anything like me, your mild case of ADD won’t let you commit to a singular piece of art. This is where you may want to consider looking into multiple pieces of art and setting up a home Art gallery.  Continue reading

33 Mosaic Ideas for Guys

Earlier Today, I wrote a post about cheap things to do for wall art. One of the suggestions is a man-collage. (Putting the “man-” adjective in front of things makes it more epic. Try it out. MAN-NAP, MAN-tiquing, MAN-laundry). Since my mind is still kind of on the subject, I wanted to do a list of ideas that could make cool collages or mosaics on things you might have laying around the house. There is no real order except how I think of them. Some are more awesome than others. LEAVE MORE IDEAS IN THE COMMENTS SECTION IF YOU HAVE THEM. Continue reading