Create a Paint Etching

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We aren’t all the creative types. I get it. Art can elude our talent level. However, for determined and frugal DIYers, there is a cheap way to make murals with little to no experience. It is called a paint etching. This is not meant to be perfect, instead the flaws add to the character of your creation. Continue reading

Hemingway in Your Home

It’s been more than 50 years since Hemingway took his own life (I like to think it was him simply doing things on his own terms, as opposed to waiting for some deity to do it for him.) , and still he is the picture of a Man’s Man. He was the “Most interesting man in the world” long before the Dos Equis satirical charactor. He was a binge drinker, smoker, womanizer and fisherman who had more than 200 pieces of shrapnel in his body from the first World War. He not only survived a plane crash, but in order to escape the flaming cabin, he headbutted a window out.

He was a true man, boiled down to its truest form.

Replicating any portion of Hemingway’s life or art in your home is a great way to make your space more masculine, and here is how to do it right. Continue reading

Home Theater Tips


I love movies, and have spent my share of rainy weekends and “sick” days in front of the TV watching marathons of Scorsese movies or entire seasons of great TV shows.This makes my “home theater” is of great importance to me, and I put a lot of thought and energy into my set up. So I want to give you a few tips that I learned both from experience and from a wide array of websites around the internet to help you out. Continue reading

Pets in a Man’s Home


Its tough to hate animals. While I do not have any, I understand the appeal. They are always happy to see you when you walk in the door after a lousy day at work. Dogs and cats have no hidden agendas and are a great addition to many homes.

However they are not without their problems. Apart from the occasional “surprise” on your area rug or claw marks on your recliner, they tend to take over a space and aren’t always inclined to share. So here are a few tips to keep you home presentable without evicting Rover. Continue reading

Making Your Home More Mature

Homes4Men, if nothing else, is about helping guys mature their homes. We mature everywhere else in our lives. We wear suits and ties to work, no longer make jello shots for Christmas, and no longer camp out in the cold for Call of Duty releases. If our homes are a reflection of ourselves, we want them to show our guests that we have stepped up from our days of $6 a liter vodka and taping pages of Maxim to our bedroom walls. In the last week, I have seen a few different places that seem more like a boy’s dorm rooms than a place where a real MAN lives.  With that said, I wanted to do a list of solid “don’ts” that are way too common now a days.

This article is really for laughs. There are tons of more serious advice on the site. Continue reading