Chalkboard Paint Ideas

I’ll admit it. I am unorganized. In the rare event that I actually write something down, there is a solid possibility that I will lose the paper. It got to the point that my left forearm is occasionally covered in notes like I am part of a bad Memento sequel because I may lose the paper, but odds are pretty good I won’t lose my arm. Chalkboard paint seems like it could be a perfectly plausible solution for my lack of organization.  Continue reading


Use Quotes to Make Art

“It has been my experience that folks who have no vices have very few virtues”

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Art can be anything that creates some ind of reaction in people. And while “a picture is worth a thousand words”, sometimes it only takes a few words to create a even more powerful message. It is called typography, and have been getting a lot of momentum as of late. (Think about your girlfriends “Live, Laugh, Love” picture frame). Continue reading