Chalkboard Paint Ideas

I’ll admit it. I am unorganized. In the rare event that I actually write something down, there is a solid possibility that I will lose the paper. It got to the point that my left forearm is occasionally covered in notes like I am part of a bad Memento sequel because I may lose the paper, but odds are pretty good I won’t lose my arm. Chalkboard paint seems like it could be a perfectly plausible solution for my lack of organization.  Continue reading


A Man’s Guide to Kitchen Organization



If you’re anything like me, cleaning the kitchen is not your idea of a fun time. You spent one two many nights “forgetting” to do the dishes after the big meal you made and you may have officially run our of “prep” space for tomorrow night’s meal. The thing is, if your kitchen was organized, it would not be the chore to clean the way it is now. So, with that said, I want to throw out a few quick tips for guys to organize your kitchen and make clean up a bit easier.

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