Great Read: Manspace: A Primal Guide to Marking Your Territory by Tim Martin

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This is a great book that focuses on the spaces men have created, and does a great job of doing so. Tim Martin talks about everything from creating his own MANSPACE to the Playboy Mansion. It is almost and anthropological study of the spaces men have created after being exiled from the more desirable areas of their house by a significant other. It is available used for as little as $5, and new for as little as $7.50. This is exceptionally cheap considering that there are over 300 color photos of over 50 “Manspaces”.

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Man Spaces: Create A Room for Him




I recently came across an interesting article on Renovate Your World and wanted to share it with my reader/readers. It focuses on home based Man caves. While I find the approach to be fairly simplistic (Basically it tells you to make a combined home theater/ billiard room), there is some solid insight in the article that makes it worth the read.


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No longer relegated to areas that rarely see the light of day, these handsome hangouts are now centerpieces of many homes’ entertainment areas. When you’re choosing your space, however, you may want to keep in mind the effect on your home value. The return on investment (ROI) of such a personal space isn’t always stellar.

Televisions, [Paul Cormeir] says, are usually first on every guy’s mind. “Aesthetics aren’t usually high priority,” he admits.

Finally, remember that this area is a man’s opportunity to express himself. “Men want a really comfortable space to downshift after a long, bearish day,” says Jamie Goldberg, owner of Jamie Goldberg Kitchen and Bath Design, LLC in Tampa, Fla. “It should also meet their emotional needs for ‘caving’ without family distractions, and ‘crowning,’ by showcasing personal crowning achievements like trophy fish, hole-in-one souvenirs, a prized watch collection or whatever is a source of pride.”

Hold off on things you can easily add later: If you’re dying for multiple TVs but the budget won’t budge, skip the extra screens for now and go with design and structural aspects that should all be done in the beginning. Don’t skip staining concrete subfloors because you crave two sets when you can easily add another TV in the future.