New Featured Designer: Lindsey Stokes

I’ve recently been in contact with Lindsey Stokes, another New York City interior designer who has a penchant for creating masculine home. After some discussion, I wanted to include her on my “Featured Designers” page. She has some really amazing work, and I look forward to working with her in both the near and distant future.

Go over to her website  and take a look at some of her amazing work.


Twitter: @StokesNYC


Phone: 646-495-9945




The Outdoor Room by Lugbill Designs

I once again want to thank Erica and Justin Lugbill from Lugbill Designs, a Chicago Interior Design firm, for these pictures.

Being July Fourth weekend, it will be virtually impossible for Americans and Canadians (Happy Canada Day BTW) inside for 72 hours. Men will gather around grills, lagers in hands and criticize each other that they waited too long to flip the burgers. With this in mind, I wanted to use photos I got from Lugbill Designs that has a great looking outdoor room Continue reading