Ode to the Man-Chair

All in the Family may not be in the memory of many people under the age of 40 unless they watch TV Land, but it brings up a key idea of masculine home design. Men should have their own space, but it doesn’t always matter the exact square footage of that space. While it is pretty much indisputable that women control the home these day (A fact I will continue to fight against), men need to put their foot down where they can, and the 9 square feet that a  “man-chair” occupies is a great place to start. Continue reading


A Great Office

Since the Internet has become commonplace in our homes, the home office has become more prominent. It is now easier than ever to avoid the cubicle and work from home. But just like real life offices, the layout and look can impact productivity. So here are a few quick tips to help you out when designing your office. Continue reading