Leather on the Walls


There is a lot of different options to avoid the typical semi-gloss on drywall look. One I recently came across which I really like is putting leather on walls. Having a finely tanned hide on your wall will be a welcome change from the typical wall. I searched for a bunch of “leather wall” pictures, and posted them here foryour consideration. Continue reading


Bar Hopping: Carbon Bar in London

Carbon Bar

Old Quebec Street




Picture of Carbon in West End, London

When it comes to bars, simple is usually the best options. While I love fancy places where you are basically required to order a neat scotch or a Martini, there is a lot to say about a bar where you are invited to have a beer and a shot of bourbon. Carbon bar, in London, is the latter bar, and it is a great one.  Continue reading

DIY Pipe Furniture

I hate furniture shopping. not only do you have to find something you like, but it has to be the right size, and regardless you pay a huge mark up to pay managers, designers, manufacturers, the salespeople, and whoever delivers it. Being cheap, I like to avoid paying as many middle man as I can. This is why I like to feature a lot of Do-It-Yourself projects that allow men to take a trip to a home improvement store as opposed to a furniture store.  Continue reading