Homes4Men Manifesto

In our adolescent years, we didn’t care much about how we presented ourselves to the rest of the world. After reaching our late teens we began to realize others will judge us on our appearance and we began to adjust accordingly. We began looking at how we carried ourselves. Men eventually learn to present a veneer of invulnerability in our offices and in our recreational spots, but the one area where women still rule is home design.

This may sound odd to many people, but there is not much information on the Internet revolving around home decor for men. Sure, there is a long list of amazing “Men’s Sites” like MaximAsk Men and Guyism, but these didn’t have what I was looking for in this instance. These sites paid a attention to how to seduce women, how to dress, what car to buy, what wine go with what food, and how to succeed in business along with a healthy sprinkling of humor and advice. These sites went 90% of the way in terms of masculine makeovers, but then stopped at the welcome mat.

So I was forced to stop looking for a “guy’s” home design site and move toward pure home design sites. I hoped to find masculine designs here, but was let down again. Pure interior design sites aim almost exclusively toward the female demographic. Women are the biggest consumers of home goods so aiming the marketing toward them is smart business. Walk into any Williams Sonoma, IKEA or Pier 1 Imports and you can see that they are practically brimming with estrogen. The guys you do see in these or similar stores are usually dragged there reluctantly by their significant other. Simply speaking, it is extremely difficult to find any decorating advice site that wasn’t for and/or from someone in a bra.

The problem is that no one thought men were interested in interior design advice. Even if a man did find himself living in a modern and stylish space, it was always attributed to him asking for a “woman’s touch”. Men were chastised for not caring about their space and adorning their sofa with dirty clothes, yet not complimented when they created a well-defined space on their own. A “bachelor pad” is covered with beer cans and old pizza boxes and never a place where a modern man with some degree of disposable income can come and relax at the end of the day.

Men’s homes seemed to fall into either “The frat boy” or “The boyfriend” catagory. “The Frat Boy” was characterized by a collection of Vivid Entertainment posters and beer pong paraphernalia; meanwhile the “boyfriend”  had his home effectively commandeered by his significant other and was forced to watch the game in the basement, attic or whatever corner of the house isn’t occupied by loved ones. Both these stereotypes have been characterized by a love of large televisions and recliners. Both also show an ignorance or distinct lack of interior style on the part of the man.

It was these stereotypes combined with the information vacuum that gave birth to Homes4Men. Homes4Men seeks to end the stereotype that masculine room design is limited to Best Buy and La-Z-Boy. A home should show your personality the same way your clothing should.  Homes4Men will become a space where men feel confident enough to choose the paint color, bed sheets and flatware. It will be a educational resource where the modern renaissance men can discover home design at his own terms with someone he can relate to.

I want Homes4Men to be uttered in the same breath as the Ask Mens, Guyisms and Maxims. After all, what is the point of buying great clothes if they wind up on the back of an old office chair? Why read the opinions of great sommelier if you are drinking wine out of Solo cups? And most importantly, what is the point of learning to seduce women if you are embarrassed by the look of your bedroom?

Above all, Homes4Men is about topping off the last 10% of male sophistication that the others neglected.


One comment on “Homes4Men Manifesto

  1. You are a very capable person!

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