New Featured Designer: Lindsey Stokes

I’ve recently been in contact with Lindsey Stokes, another New York City interior designer who has a penchant for creating masculine home. After some discussion, I wanted to include her on my “Featured Designers” page. She has some really amazing work, and I look forward to working with her in both the near and distant future.

Go over to her website  and take a look at some of her amazing work.


Twitter: @StokesNYC


Phone: 646-495-9945




Subtle Mood Setting ideas

I don’t care about your preferred brand of sexual organ, but  you want its owner to feel comfortable and enthused about being in your bedroom. There is a lot of advice out there to set your mood in your bedroom, but some of it comes of cheesy and forced (Mirrors on the ceiling? Really?). I want to give guys a few tips on how to make your bedroom sophisticated and sexy.  Continue reading

The Outdoor Room by Lugbill Designs

I once again want to thank Erica and Justin Lugbill from Lugbill Designs, a Chicago Interior Design firm, for these pictures.

Being July Fourth weekend, it will be virtually impossible for Americans and Canadians (Happy Canada Day BTW) inside for 72 hours. Men will gather around grills, lagers in hands and criticize each other that they waited too long to flip the burgers. With this in mind, I wanted to use photos I got from Lugbill Designs that has a great looking outdoor room Continue reading

Clear Gall Shower Doors

For years we have seen glass shower doors, however for reasons usually involving privacy, the style of choice for shower doors was textured for many years. This cause the tile walls you put in the shower to be hidden behind a piece of glass that obscured the part of the bathroom you possibly spent the most money on. A clear glass shower door can make your space seem more open and can seemingly provide a “frame” for the tile work and faucets that you picked out.

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Room for Personal Style with Ken Dietz

Boston Globe Article and Pictures Provided to MAN-LAIR by Ken Dietz of Dietz and Associates
Read More at his Website or on our Featured Designers page

Before showing the article and a collection of pictures of a comfortable brownstone, I want to welcome and thank Ken Dietz for agreeing to be the first MAN-LAIR Featured Designer. This is shaping up to be a long, fruitful relationship and wanted to take a second out to make show my appreciation.
This article was originally written for Boston Globe Magazine and was published on March 14, 2004.

The great things about these projects (Actually two different apartments with the same floor plan) is the way he was able to highlight the architectural features like the fireplace, the curves walls and the tall windows. He even finds a way to do this without sacrificing comfort or function. Many apartments have alcoves, bay windows and other architectural features that are difficult to design around. Curved walls almost always look great, however you cannot simply put a normal 80″ couch against a curved wall. You will only wind up losing a lot of floor space Dietz does a great job of using a single arm chair to keep a great architectural feature visible without losing a lot of square footage. 

“Good art can transcend the decor. I find that the art you
love will complement the furniture you love as well.”
-Ken Dietz

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Phone:(617) 983- 2549