Chalkboard Paint Ideas

I’ll admit it. I am unorganized. In the rare event that I actually write something down, there is a solid possibility that I will lose the paper. It got to the point that my left forearm is occasionally covered in notes like I am part of a bad Memento sequel because I may lose the paper, but odds are pretty good I won’t lose my arm. Chalkboard paint seems like it could be a perfectly plausible solution for my lack of organization.  Continue reading

Leather on the Walls


There is a lot of different options to avoid the typical semi-gloss on drywall look. One I recently came across which I really like is putting leather on walls. Having a finely tanned hide on your wall will be a welcome change from the typical wall. I searched for a bunch of “leather wall” pictures, and posted them here foryour consideration. Continue reading

DIY Pipe Furniture

I hate furniture shopping. not only do you have to find something you like, but it has to be the right size, and regardless you pay a huge mark up to pay managers, designers, manufacturers, the salespeople, and whoever delivers it. Being cheap, I like to avoid paying as many middle man as I can. This is why I like to feature a lot of Do-It-Yourself projects that allow men to take a trip to a home improvement store as opposed to a furniture store.  Continue reading

Ode to the Man-Chair

All in the Family may not be in the memory of many people under the age of 40 unless they watch TV Land, but it brings up a key idea of masculine home design. Men should have their own space, but it doesn’t always matter the exact square footage of that space. While it is pretty much indisputable that women control the home these day (A fact I will continue to fight against), men need to put their foot down where they can, and the 9 square feet that a  “man-chair” occupies is a great place to start. Continue reading

Ultimate Man Toy

I have been writing a lot of articles on how to fix up a Man’s home on a budget, but truth be told occasionally I window shop things that cost more than my first 2-3 cars combined. That is when I came across Alpina-Grills. They have a ton of great outdoor kitchens, including the one at the top which features a keg-erator and a grill. I cannot think of any purchase that would take my mind off the recent NY Giants loss like this one. No, this is not cheap (Around $9,500 depending on exchange rates, not including shipping), but if you want a single appliance that shamelessly announces your manhood, this is it.

Yes it is a luxury, and no, it probably isn’t the easiest thing to take tailgating. However if you you throw your own SuperBowl Party, this might be worth a look.

iPod Docks To Consider

Logitech Pure-Fi Dream : Front
With last night’s passing of Steve Jobs, I want to spend today discussing how to implement
some of the Apple Co-Founder’s greatest works into your home. While this morning’s was a 
re-post of how to give your hoe the look of an Apple store, this post is about getting
your iPod to become the center of you home audio system.

The biggest innovation in music in the last 20 years, without a doubt, is the combination of the iPod and iTunes. These two simple things changed the was we listen and buy music. We no longer have giant portfolios of CDs in our car and its tough to find a decent place to buy moderatley priced CD’s. There are no more albums the way they existed under Pink Floyd but rather a shotgun blast of singles on “shuffle”.  The iPod is responsible for all of this, the center of the music revolution. Now you should start looking into making your iPod/iPhone the center of your audio system as well with an iPod Dock. Continue reading