Ultimate Man Toy

I have been writing a lot of articles on how to fix up a Man’s home on a budget, but truth be told occasionally I window shop things that cost more than my first 2-3 cars combined. That is when I came across Alpina-Grills. They have a ton of great outdoor kitchens, including the one at the top which features a keg-erator and a grill. I cannot think of any purchase that would take my mind off the recent NY Giants loss like this one. No, this is not cheap (Around $9,500 depending on exchange rates, not including shipping), but if you want a single appliance that shamelessly announces your manhood, this is it.

Yes it is a luxury, and no, it probably isn’t the easiest thing to take tailgating. However if you you throw your own SuperBowl Party, this might be worth a look.


One comment on “Ultimate Man Toy

  1. […] cheap. My reader/readers have probably realized this from my previous posts, but yesterday’s Alpina-Grill post may have thrown people off the trail. So I wanted to find a simple, DIY project that almost anyone […]

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