REPOST: Get that Apple Look

Editors Note: Yes, I just did this post a few days ago, but I wanted to try and find a Homes4Men genre appropriate way to honor phenomenal innovator that was Steve Jobs. I will try to do more for him throughout the day, but I felt this was a great way to start it off. 


Apple Inc is a cultural monster. Steve Jobs, and now Tim Cook are able to create products that have an impact. The iPod, iPhone, and iPad have revolutionized they way we consume media and garner information. Above all else, they have a distinct look. Steve Jobs has done an excellent job giving Apple a level of brand recognition that is unmatched by any other company out there. It is a brand people identify with. So it is only logical that today, with the announcement of the new iPhone 5, I will discuss how to get Apple’s look in your own home.

Keep Things Minimal: Jobs is a minimalist. His products are not adorned with buttons or overly complex. They are simple and sleek. To replicate the Apple look, you want to find furniture and wall decorations that are less ornate. If you have a mirror, you do not need a frame. If you have a couch, avoid any non-structural stitching or buttons. Avoid tables with lathed legs or carvings.

Materials: Apple has a definite wheel house. Thy like smooth plastics, smooth metal and glass wherever possible with the occasional light wood accent. These materials are not the easiest too work with, so you may want to consult a professional if you have little experience with them. You can also look for a white marble, provided there is a minimum of “veining” in it. Glass, plexi-glass, and frosted glass should be used often, and will keep things like railing almost non existent.

Colors: There are basically two colors, white and a light wood color. You occasionally see gray accent from the stainless steel, but for the most part everything is one of the first two. While Minimalists often use black to have a high degree of contrast, Apple avoids it all all costs. Stick to wood and smooth, glossy whites.

Lighting: All light fixtures work provided they stick with the aforementioned color scheme. Look for bulbs that  are pure white. I like the idea of sticking to halogen bulbs or LEDs. Look at this Brushed Steel Mini-Pendant from Hampton Bay or this LED under cabinet lighting from GE.

Furniture: In the interest of keeping things simple, go to IKEA. They probably have more examples of minimalist furniture than any other furniture retailer. Look at their Klippan LoveSeatKlubbo coffee table, and  Expedit TV storage unit. If you have the extra cash, Eames also makes a lot of excellent minimalist furniture.

Arlexitalia Minimalist Bathroom

Minimalist dining furniture

minimalist beach house


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