Home Art Gallery

Estersohn_portfolioBare walls are boring. This can be a great way to express yourself, but many guys choose to let a wall remain merely covered in paint and little else. However, if you are anything like me, your mild case of ADD won’t let you commit to a singular piece of art. This is where you may want to consider looking into multiple pieces of art and setting up a home Art gallery. 

The biggest issue is choosing what type of art you want to feature. Family photos are always a favorite, and getting a bunch of various frames and filling them with your own pictures is an easy way to make a gallery wall. If you don’t have any pictures of friend or family you like, or simply don’t have any friends or family, just start looking on the internet. A lot of my Daily Deviant Art posts have prints in smaller sizes. Choosing a dozen of them, then going to Wal-Mart and picking up some frames of corresponding sizes will give the wall an interesting look.

You can also go the cheap route and make your own. You can simply buy some canvases and make your own with whatever spare paint you have around the house. I recently had a basement full of leftover paint, and made a few knock of Jackson Pollacks on 12″x24″ canvases. Since it didn’t cost me anything for the paint, the whole project only cost me $25. Here is a quick picture (Shitty lighting, cell phones don’t take great pictures. I know). Grabbing a bunch of smaller canvases and doing something similar is easy to do.

It doesn’t matter what art you choose, just so long as it is something you like.

Layout is important. Do you like order or chaos, or a little of both? Before you simply start going at your drywall ith a power drill, its best to have some kind of plan in mind. Try laying out your various artwork on the floor so you can decide what looks best. I also read to an idea to use newspaper and cut them in same shapes so you can lay it out on the wall with scotch tape. It also helps you organize where you need to drill holes in the walls. Simply mark on the paper, tape to the wall, and drill through the paper.


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