Subtle Mood Setting ideas

I don’t care about your preferred brand of sexual organ, but  you want its owner to feel comfortable and enthused about being in your bedroom. There is a lot of advice out there to set your mood in your bedroom, but some of it comes of cheesy and forced (Mirrors on the ceiling? Really?). I want to give guys a few tips on how to make your bedroom sophisticated and sexy. 

Lighting: Two words, dimmer switch. A lot of women are self conscious, but there is a definitive advantage to being able to seeing what you are doing. Having a light at about 25% will give you enough lighting that you can see what you are doing while helping your partner feel comfortable. A dimmer switch will cost you around $30 but  Dimmable bulbs can be expensive (Some cost over $100) , but there are also cheaper options. That means there is a distinct possibility that it might be cheaper to change a light fixture than the bulbs. Make sure to look ate EVERYTHING before committing to this route.

On another note, if you hook up a dimmer switch to a ceiling fan, unless you run two separate lines, a dimmer switch will turn the fan down as well. Keep that in mind if you aren’t in the mood to run wires.

Art: This is where you can go a little more Risque than you will in say your kitchen or living room, but you still want to be fairly conservative. You want a wink, not a leer. Consider Make Love not War by *Lateralus1985 or Bathroom Fantasmes by *FreeStyledLove. If you don’t want prints, you can make your own abstract art. If you are anything like me, you might have a half dozen partial gallons of paint in your basement or garage. Go to an art supply store, buy a canvas and make your own Jackson Pollack knockoff. The great thing about abstract art is that the viewer fills the piece with whatever emotions they have. It can mean anything, and it is impossible to offend someones tastes with paint drips.

The Bedding: I know, Bed, Bath, and Beyond is not a fun store for a Man’s Man. Men are used to going in, grabbing what they need and leaving. Usually, if I am in a store for ten minutes, that means I was in line for eight. However this is where you want to take your time are really weigh your options. Feel fabrics, check construction and make sure whatever you buy won’t wear out too soon. Learn about thread counts and fabric quality and don’t go cheap. (Remember, you can go inexpensive while not going cheap. There is a difference.) You will be spending countless hours in your bed, makes sure the sheets, pillows and blankets are all up to your standard. If you are confused, bring a woman with you. If you don’t like something, tell her so. It is your opinion that matter here. There is a good chance you will be in the bed more nights than she is.

Mattress/ Box-Spring: For something that just lays there, this can quite easily be the most expensive item you buy for your home. A great bed can do a lot for you, and a bad one can do a lot to you. If you didn’t have back problems before, you may after a few months in a cheap mattress. In relation to this article, you want a place where you partner wants to stay. (Who doesn’t love morning sex?).

The Bed Frame: Two more words, Structural integrity. Odds are you aren’t in college anymore, and having a particleboard futon is no longer acceptable. While “breaking the bed” is always a great source of pride, no one wants to sleep in a taco shaped bed. This is also an area where you can play around with materials. I personally have a wood headboard with leather padding, which has gotten some great reviews from visitors. Look at a few different stores before you jump on something.

Color: Color is always subjective, but I like to keep things dark in a bedroom. I like a place where I can sleep in and “recharge” after a long night. Look at the dark browns, grays, blues and reds. These are masculine colors that always feel masculine. Yellow, pink, and white usually feel feminine to me, but these can work as suitable accent colors. Do not keep everything the same color, and be sure to mix it up.

Furniture: Don’t be afraid to be different with your furniture and your set up. I have seen some great layouts where the bed simply sits in the middle of the room rather than against the wall. I made the bed feel almost like a shrine, and I really enjoyed the look. You want a fairly large room in order to do something like this (20’x20′ or so), but it is an idea. It makes the room more memorable. Above all, make the room functional. Get a comfortable area to get dressed (consider a small leather bench at the end of the bed as an idea) and a flat surface to light candles (it may not be her thing, but its not all about you). Don’t have anything in your bedroom you don’t need.

Clean it up: Having underwear on the ground is fine. Having yesterday’s underwear on the ground isn’t. You don;t want your floor to have oodles of  landmines to trip over when you get up to grab a drink afterwards. Buy a hamper if you have to, or even stuff everything in the bottom of the closet if you get desperate, but don’t look like a slob. There is only one kind of being dirty that has any appeal.

Scent: When it comes to sexual organs the nose should definitely be included. (Not like that you sick bastard) When guys sweat, they smell, and you want something pleasant smelling to counteract that. You don’t need a half dozen candles lit and a dozen cardboard pine tress dangling from the ceiling like you see in Se7en, but you really don’t want it to smell. There are lots of masculine scents are are pleasant to both sexes that you don’t need to light candles to achieve. Things like Cedar and leather are highly fragrant and don’t require you to shell out money one candles.

Accessories: Normal sex can get repetitive, so you may want to try to find ways to spice it up. Depending on how freaky you are, you might want to have a space for whatever items you enjoy. In a pinch, a durable tie or a scarf can accomplish a lot, and you may have these in your wardrobe. You might also want to look into a headboard that gives you a place to attach said accessories.

Materials: This is where you need to know what you like. Everything has a different feel, and if you can incorporate a few of your favorite materials in the bedroom you could find yourself enjoying your evening activities that much more. Most women like things with a softer touch, but that doesn’t mean you have to go feminine. Fur, flannel and leather can be a masculine statement with a feeling the fairer sex usually enjoy.  I am usually against silk or sateen sheets (They make it look like you’re trying too hard or like a cheap hotel’s honeymoon suite.), but this may be a route you want to go.


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