A Space for Video Games

I’m a gamer, and I play just about everything. I pull out my out N64 about once or twice a month and give Ganandorf a run for his money or I may spend a lazy afternoon silently cursing at the pubescents on XBox live. Seeing that at any given time, I am capable of a 8 hour Madden Marathon, you want to insure that you have a comfortable gaming space. Here are a few quick tips to make however many minutes of gaming you get worth it.

Big Screen TV: Do I really need to go into the advantages of a big screen TV to guys? Didn’t think so.

Connection: I’m not huge on internet gaming, but that doesn’t mean I skimp either. That base internet from Comcast works well when you surf the internet, but when it comes to gaming every micro-second counts. If online multi-player is something you enjoy, spend the extra $10-$15 a month to get a better connection. Having any type of Lag will really harm your gaming expierence. If possible, hard wire it into your system. Wi-Fi is great, but you don’t want your connection to suffer simply because you didn’t want to get another closer modem.

Tables/Cupholders: There isn’t much better on a rainy Sunday than sitting in a leather recliner in a robe, having a beer ad killing an unfathomable amount of NPCs. You don’t want to keep your lager on the floor for you to forget and spill later. having a surface for your sodas, smokes, and snacks help. Personally I really enjoy my reclining loveseat with built in cupholders, but a coffee table works just as well.

Lighting: This applies to any home theater set up. KEEP THE LIGHTS LOW OR OFF. This is something any AV geek will tell you. Having a minimum of distractions from the screen will let you truly immerse yourself in the world the game makers created. Don’t have any exposed bulbs and keep the shades drawn. There is a reason there aren’t windows and lights on inside a movies theater. Glare is the enemy.

Floor Space: This applies more if you are into the more active games like Nintendo Wii or Xbox Kinect. While a 3 foot gap is enough for a walkway, you want SIX to TWELVE FEET of space between you and a Kinect sensor. You don’t want to punch a hole through your Flat screen, and you don’t want to continually kick the coffee table while “running” a race.

Seating: To me, multi-player isn’t fun online. I like playing it with a group of my buddies with a few beers. However if you only have one chair and the rest of the seats are metal folding chairs, they won’t have as much fun. Spend some cash and grab enough seats for all of the people you play with.

Refreshments: As you noticed by now, I like to drink when I play. Depending on how your house is laid out, you may want to consider either a mini-fridge or a bar in your gaming room. However if you “Gaming room” is in your living room, which is right next to your kitchen, get of your ass and walk the 20 feet to get the beer.

Cables: This is a place where you want to spend a little, but not to much. Do not use the usual composite cables, but instead buy an HDMI. These will cost you around $30. DO NOT SPLURGE ON AN HDMI CABLE. They are all the same.


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