Your Bachelor Pad and Modern Male Marketing

I would love to have a manual to go from, but one doesn’t exist.   No one has done this before on the level I am attempting. I am trying to give men a guide, a list of ideas on ways even the most design ignorant guys can create a more welcoming space.  People don’t talk about interior design for men, mostly because people have always assumed guys don’t care about it. I am trying to step out there and state, loud and clear, what a bachelor pad should be about. However, I want everyone to be weary about how full of shit I can be.

Let me step back, I talk about “masculine home design” based upon the stereotypical man as I see them. I am trying to appeal to everyone from lumberjacks and construction workers to office managers and public speakers. If my opinion of masculinity differs from yours, tell me I and full of shit and go on your way. Claiming that there is one end-all/be-all guide to being a man is ludicrous, but I am giving it a shot.

However, a disturbing trend has started showing up over the last few years. There are companies that market to men by effectively questioning our masculinity. They all but stand proudly on a soap box and announce to the masses that if you don’t buy product X then you are merely a shell of a man.  Real men use product X, and if you don’t use product be you will be mercilessly taunted by everyone. (Looking at you Miller Lite).

Being a man is about doing what you deem best, regardless of other people’s opinions. If you do not shave with a straight razor or make a living wrestling grizzlies, that is fine. Neither of those things make you more or less of a man. What makes you a man is doing what what you deem to be the most productive and efficient without apologizing.   I am sick of having commercial actors insinuate that I have to prove something to them. There are plenty of times you will have to stand up for your manhood at work or in a relationship, friendly or otherwise. However, without question, you don’t have to prove yourself to the advertising agency which makes the ads for Slim Jims.

Advertisers, tell me how your product is better than their product and let me decide. Tell me you use more barley in your beer, more water resistant alloys in your razor blades or have an engine with more horsepower. As a man, I will decide what is “most manly” from there. That is what real men do.

Homes4Men tries to follow the same principle. I simply want to display all the options, present ideas, and inform my readers. Buy what you liked because it works. Filling your home with products you don’t use and don’t like simply because it might make other people think more of you is what a spineless 16 year old does. You are a man. You have arrived and no longer have to listen to anyone tell you how to get there if you choose not to.

Homes4Men is about making your own space. If your like the way something looks, copy it. I simply want to point guys, who have traditionally been ignorant of this type of thing, into the right direction. I try not to dictate design like some kind of preacher, but occasionally I need to get a point across, and soft language doesn’t make a point. I am simply trying to bring the issue of masculine home design to the forefront, and if i have to be slightly controversial from time to time I am okay with that.

Fill your house with whatever works and don’t do anything more. If you need storage, you buy a bookshelf. If you want a house plant, you pick up a house plant. Grow your own vegetables or flowers if that is what makes you happy. Paint your walls white, buy a floral print comforter or hang up a “Live Laugh Love” picture frame. Even if your best friend makes fun of you, a real man tells him that a he doesn’t have to take his shit.


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