Hook by John Robertson

I have recently been in talks with a great Artist, John Robertson, and I wanted to do everything I could to help share his work with Homes4Men readers. He does a lot of sports related work and his artwork can do a great job of making any man’s home truly masculine. He is doing an art show in a few days and if you are in California, your should stop by to she his work. For those not around, click on the “Read More” to see a few of his amazing pieces.


For those in the neighborhood we’re very much looking forward to seeing you on Saturday, September 24th, from 6-8 p.m. in celebrating the opening reception for hook, work from John Robertson and Lynn Hanson. Join us at 1740 Ocean Park Blvd, Santa Monica, CA, 90405. I have created a series of 40 boxing paintings and drawings for the show. See you soon.

“When I was a child during the 1950’s I loved to watch boxing with my dad. We sat in front of the old black and white television and watch “Gillette Friday Night Fights”, “The Saturday Night Fights” and “The Wednesday Night Fights.” These were the golden days of boxing with the great fighter like Sugar Ray Robinson, Archie Moore, Jersey Joe Walcott, Ezzard Charles, Joe Louis, Rocky Marciano, etc. And I still have a great interest in boxing and continue to watch fights on a regular basis. Photos from the great old fights were reference material for some of these paintings and drawings.” 

John Robertson earned a BA degree in English Literature from California State University, Northridge. He was a senior executive with a large retail cooperation for over 23 years. In 1991 John left the world of business in order to pursue his interest in art on a full time basis. His work has been used in various movie and television shows and commercials and he has exhibited in numerous one-man and group art shows. Commercial sports projects have included work for Fox Sports, Fox Sports Net, Steiner Sports – Last Licks Ice Cream & Memorabilia stores, Prudential Sports Center Newark, NJ, (home for the NBA New Jersey Nets and the NHL New Jersey Devils), Amway Sports Arena, Orlando, Fl, (home of the NBA Orlando Magic), Sports and the Arts, and a variety of private collectors.

John Robertson web site and blog. Please Visit for more information and photos of his artwork.

Show Location: 1740 Ocean Park Blvd, Santa Monica, CA, 90405

Show Time: September 24th, 2011. 6-8 pm

Web site http://www.StreetCredibleArt.com

Blog: http://JohnRobertsonSportsArt.blogspot.com


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