Hemingway in Your Home

It’s been more than 50 years since Hemingway took his own life (I like to think it was him simply doing things on his own terms, as opposed to waiting for some deity to do it for him.) , and still he is the picture of a Man’s Man. He was the “Most interesting man in the world” long before the Dos Equis satirical charactor. He was a binge drinker, smoker, womanizer and fisherman who had more than 200 pieces of shrapnel in his body from the first World War. He not only survived a plane crash, but in order to escape the flaming cabin, he headbutted a window out.

He was a true man, boiled down to its truest form.

Replicating any portion of Hemingway’s life or art in your home is a great way to make your space more masculine, and here is how to do it right.

Artwork: Just as I have suggested in the past that you should get posters from your favorite movies framed, framing prints of your favorite books is a great way to pay homage to an art form you love. Find your favorite book and bring the cover of it to a Kinkos and get it blown up. This works especially well with classic literature like Hemingway’s. A 15″ by 24″ cover of The old Man and The Sea or For Whom the Bell Tolls in a quality frame  is sure to grab people’s attention, and is a way to set yourself apart from everyone else.

A Bar: Think of the iconic scene of The Sun Also Rises when Jake Barnes and his friend fish and keep their wine cool in the river. Alcohol has always been a part of Hemingway, and it is impossible to bring up his name without talks of booze. Having a white rum and a bottle of Luxardo are signs of a true Hemingway afficiando.

Keep The Desk Simple: Hemingway was not the type to sit at the home office and work. He preferred to be around people and maybe more importantly, drink. He was much more likely to be seen at a bar table with scraps of paper and a glass of rum. You do not want to be distracted by frills and do more than is needed. Keep things simplified to their lowest level.

Vintage Playboys: Playboy has always had articles by predominant American Writers, and Hemingway was no exception. Finding a copy of January 1961’s “Hemingway Speaks His Mind” framed on your wall would be a great way to highlight your appreciation of all things manly.

Show of Your Passions: If you learn nothing else from Hemingway, it is about being yourself regardless of other people’s opinions. He drank, smoked, and fought with no apologizes. He did what he loved every day and didn’t have anyone to please but himself and his family. This is how you should live. Hang up your boxing gloves on the wall, frame the patches you got in the Army, mount your college football jersey, and keep your fishing pools out of the garage. It is your home, and whatever is in there is there to make you happy, and no one else.

Above all, Hemingway taught us that being masculine is not having to answer or prove anything to anyone. Accept your strengths, faults, loves and hates on equal measure, and display all of them like trophies in your home.


What did I do Right Wrong?

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