Living Walls





I live in a fairly urban area, and my 1/8th of an acre does not really qualify for farming credits or have the space for even a vegetable garden. So when I saw this wall mounted garden on I knew i had to share it with similar aspiring horticulturalists.

In addition to having a great space saving solution for your strawberries or herb garden (Men should learn how to use herbs, putting salsa on a hot dog does not make you Chef Ramsay). In addition, having wall “Art” that actually serves a function is possibly the most manly thin you can do. Art is pretty, yes, but as your thousands of “Art” majors can tell you, doesn’t put food on the table. Now, GreenWorks will help you set up your own wall of vegetation which will both look good and give your grilled chicken a little kick. (Cilantro and rosemary you neanderthals)


What did I do Right Wrong?

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