It Really Tied The Room Together



Title: Lessons in Manhood From The Dude

By Tom Roderick

This Morning, Dwayne Eutsey from did a great post on how following “The Dude’s” way of life can make us all happier and better men. I couldn’t think of a more fitting tribute to the cult movie “The Big Lebowski” than Dwayne’s Top Ten list (Read it from the beginning here). However, being a design site, 9 of the ten did not directly contribute to MAN-LAIR’s message. The exception was Number Five, “Tie the Room Together”

“When we see The Dude in his modest bungalow, we find him not only in his home, but also at home in the world. That’s why losing the rug that tied his room together is so important to him; it also tied his life together. The Dude retreats to his bungalow to relax after dealing with the challenges of the outside world. The need for a cave to withdraw into is deep within the male psyche. It’s a sacred place where you find your center, not merely a place to store your stuff, as Great Dude In History George Carlin once said.”

This is Stafferty, telling you to watch that beverage and abide. Always Abide.


And to see Tom Roderick’s site full of great artwork, click the link here.


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