Feng Shui And the Prevent Defense



There are a lot of people who don’t know what they are talking about. We are accustomed to hearing our work out buddies pretend to be macro economists or construction engineers by tossing around words like “revenues” or “Load Bearing”. Design has been similar, but the buzzword that has been used since the 90s has been Feng Shui. So, to keep more people from using words that they do not know, I wrote an article that describes feng shui in terms that men will understand. I associated it with the Prevent Defense.

VERY Brief History

Feng Shui has been around for thousands of years (About 4000 BC), it was outlawed in the 1960s by Chinese Communists. Feng Shui is the idea that reflecting the heavens (astronomy) on earth will help improve a person’s qi (The positive or negative “Life force energy) Once it resurfaced again, westerners grasped onto the theories and started to adapt them into our own homes.

Simplified Ideas

Lets start with a nice friendly, boiler plate disclaimer. Seeing as the ideas in Feng Shui are around 6,000 years old, there has been a degree of deviation that has branched into many different theories. I am going to try and focus on the most commonly used Black Sect Tantric Feng Shui (BTB Feng Shui). While other ideas may sneak in, this is the school of thought that is most predominate in the western world and is probably the most simplistic version out there. 

I will get to the football analysis soon enough, trust me.  

Allow me to introduce the Bagua, this is effectively a color chart used in Feng Shui that shows what a color represents and how they interact with each other.



While this is not laid out like a color chart, it is easy to notice that diametrically opposed colors have opposing ideas on the Bagua. There is the idea of children (Black) versus Children (White), or Wealth (Purple) versus Family (Green). Yellow is the implied center, representing the Yin Yang balance.

The chart is also a directional way to lay our your home and choose colors. Lay the Bagua over your home and have your front door underneath the black. Despite what direction your home actually faces, this will be your “North”. Each compass direction also represents and animal and a solstice/ equinox.

Direction Animal Season
South Phoenix Summer Solstice
East Blue/Green Dragon Spring Equinox
West White Tiger Autumn Equinox
North Dark Turtle Winter Solstice

It is using these overlapping ideas and animals to lay out your design template.  You want to match the feelings and colors associated with each animal with each corresponding portion of the house. While you may consider this to be mythical, the truth is there is a lot of logic to it. In China, most to the year the southern part of the home would receive the most sun, making the phoenix almost practical. In addition, reds, purples and pinks in the southern part of your home would work to reflect the sun rays into the rest of your home and would mimic the presence of the sun during the night.

(Now you know that when your buddy says that the rug gives you a fen shui feel, you will be able to tell him he is full of shit.)

In addition there are various “cures” that also aid in improving a person’s qi. Items like plants, animals, crystals and light reflecting objects, and items that create sound can help create the serene environment that helps your qi. You also want to incorporate the corresponding element in each area if possible. The room your choose to paint green should have some wood elements in it, the gray room should have some metal, and the red room should have some fire. For instance, if you are building a feng shui home, the kitchen would be on the south and a brick oven is recommended.


Feng Shui And The Prevent Defense


I’m going to really dip into the abstract here. While you can find tips everywhere, I want to find a way to make Fen Shui relate able to guys. Talking about balance, color and bagua is a bit complicated for many people, until you are able to put it in terms that common people can understand. With that said, here are a few quirks that Fen Shui and the Prevent Defense have in common


Facing North: In Feng Shui, proper energy is meant to flow, and if everything is trying to move in different directions, the flow you are trying to create is worthless. Likewise if your Free Safety and Middle linebacker are not looking in the same direction, you will have difficulty.


Spacing: I know that in any zone defense the idea is even spacing. The prevent defense is about balance and symmetry, and feng shui should be as well. You are not forcing a ton of overstuffed furniture in a room the same way the Prevent doesn’t stuff 8 in the box.


Slow Up Front/ Fast in Back: Say what you want about defensive tackles, but they can’t usually take a free safety or a corner in a foot race. Feng Shui does something similar, putting the dark turtle at the front of the house (Large, difficult to et by, durable) and the and the phoenix in the back (Fast, agile).


Working Together: You do not simply apply Feng Shui to one room of your home, you apply it across the board. If your bathroom has poor energy, you can have an issue. Likewise if one of your corners get tripped up or if your middle linebacker has a tendency of cramping up in the fourth, you’ll have issues. Make sure there are no weak links on either your team or in your home. You should be confidant and comfortable with every part of your house.


Get Rid of What You Don’t Need: Look around your house and see if the object is worth the square footage. If the item or player isn’t pulling the weight in the system, it is time to move on. In football you only have 55 roster spots, likewise you have a limited amount of square footage in your home. Don’t waste it on something that you will never utilize.


Control the Flow: Despite what people may believe, the Prevent is not about stopping the other team. It is about controlling it. It is about taking the long ball out of the picture and making the offense consider short passes or possibly even running the ball if they are desperate enough. (There is a lot of space to gain momentum). Likewise feng shui is about having the energy move in a manner that you decide.


Positivity: If you watch enough Sports Center, you start picking up on teams that simply have a losing attitude. These can be teams in great cities with well paid players yet cannot pull out a win (Oakland Raiders, anyone?). You don’t want to have players on your team that harm morale. Likewise you don’t want anything in your home that can put you in a bad mood. You don’t want hallways that lead to a dead end or half completed projects and dishes in the sink. These things radiate bad energy and should not be tolerated.


What did I do Right Wrong?

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