DIY Wall Art for Under $50

I hear it daily, things cost a lot more than they used to and discretionary spending is not an easy thing to justify anymore. The “new normal” has hurt a lot of people on the lower rungs of the economic ladder, so buying origional art from a well-known artist isn’t a common occurance like it was in previous yearsSo rather than getting depressed and letting your home begin looking equally depressing, I want to give men a few alternative “art” projects that won’t break the bank.

Wallpaper Art: I admit, I still have that rule in the back of my head that says “wallpaper should be only on walls and should cover a whole wall”. However, rules are meant to be broken. There are tons of great wallpaper designs out there, and many of the designs are phenomenal. A 8″x10″ wallpaper sample will run you about $5 from Home Depot and a similar sized frame can cost as low as $%. So for around $15, you have a peice of modern art on your wall that few others will have. And since there is a near exhausting amount of wallpaper styles out there, you will easily be able to find something you identify with.

Fabric Art: With nothing besides a peice of styrofoam  some staples and a yard or two of fabric you can make a piece of art that is a decent size for cheap. Getting a a decent yard of fabric (9 Square feet or 3’x3′) will probably only cost you a few dollars and styrofoam will cost you around $20 for a similar size (Will depend on what size you settle on and thickness). Add in the staples you stole from your office and this whole project will run your around $25 and will add texture to your wall.

“Garbage” Collage: Ok, we all have something in our house that can see the inside of a trash can without drastically changing our life. We have the pretzel jug of beer bottle caps, a 51-card deck, sports tickets, or a bunch of idiodic doodles you made on post-it notes somewhere. And while making a collage may not sound like the most masculine activity, depending on what you make it from it can eventually look masculine. Picking up a glass frame and arranging that bulk collection of guitar picks or those old CD booklets in is an easy project to conquer in an hour or so and will say more about your personality than any off the rack picture from Kohls. Considering the only thing you really need to buy is a picture frame with glass on the front, this project will probably run you $30 for something that is a decent size.



Home Made Abstract: As soon as Jackson Pollack got popular, people started coming out and saying “What is so great about that? I can do that”. While I believe there is more to it than many people think, I want to challenge you to put your money where your mouth is. While buying a canvas is preferrable, no one is stopping you from priming that old chunk of plywood you have in the garage and using that. Even if you have to buy a new piece of partical board, a quarter sheet will only run you a few dollars. Now, in order to make it match the rest of your house, simply use the extra paint that you had left over. You can pick up the dinner style ketchup bottles or cheap art brushes for a few dollars each, and a drop cloth will cost about the same. Providing your basement looks like mine, you can do this project for next to nothing. Even if you have to buy everything (Except the paint), it will cost you only about $25. Even if you don’t like the way it looks in the end, at least you got rid of a few old paint cans.


Old Favorites: We all have them. There is the old security blanket that has been worn down to nothing, not to mention the pair of work jeans that has been worn beyond recognition or the tie that has one too many coffee stains. We also have our high school football jerseys, our “lucky” pair of boxers, and the cover to your favorite book that has been bent backwards a few too many times. We may even have the cocktail napkin we wrote our million dollar idea down on a half decade ago. All of these things represent periods of our lives that should be pourdly on display. Putting any of these items in a frame will be a great conversation piece that will have a high emotional value for you. It will serve to remind you to stay young/ of humbler days/ meeting your wife/ or a myriad of other things.


What did I do Right Wrong?

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