DDA: Love is War by *patrickbrown

Artist: *patrickbrown

Title: Love is War

Buy it here: http://www.deviantart.com/print/15212460/?itemids=198


Artist’s Statement

Wow that had taken me a while! I’m so glad I could finally share this with you all, it’s a special piece of my own, yep that’s right I’ve finally done something original 😉


The idea is something I’ve wanted to do for a while. You could say it’s from personal experiences, not literally of course haha! But I’m sure most of us have experienced that thing called love at some point, and it does have it’s down sides sometimes.. So this is for that 😉 Just a little bit of edgy humor to cheer up a few of you who need it!


I’m not sure how long this has taken me, It’s been all over the place, one or two hours each day.. But all up I’ll guess around 15-17 hours.. It’s been a really busy time for me!


– Photoshop CS5

– Wacom Intuos4


Enjoy 😀



Available in Canvas and Photo prints from 5″ x 7″ to 20″ x 30″.


What did I do Right Wrong?

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