33 Mosaic Ideas for Guys

Earlier Today, I wrote a post about cheap things to do for wall art. One of the suggestions is a man-collage. (Putting the “man-” adjective in front of things makes it more epic. Try it out. MAN-NAP, MAN-tiquing, MAN-laundry). Since my mind is still kind of on the subject, I wanted to do a list of ideas that could make cool collages or mosaics on things you might have laying around the house. There is no real order except how I think of them. Some are more awesome than others. LEAVE MORE IDEAS IN THE COMMENTS SECTION IF YOU HAVE THEM.

1) Guitar Picks

2) Album covers/ CD booklets

3) Comic book cells

4) Match books

5) Playing Cards

6) Beer Bottle Caps

7) Liquor Bottle Labels

8) Playing Cards

9) Postcards

10) Post-it Notes

11) Doodles

12) Paint Sample Chips (Think Sherwin Williams commercials)

13) Old Keys

14) Business Cards

15) Fortune Cookie Fortunes

16) Video Game Booklets

17) Quotes (Hand written or typed on small pieces of paper)

18) Signatures/ Autographs

19) Game Cards (Magic: The Gathering, Pokemon, etc)

20) Movie Tickets

21) Sports tickets

22) Coins (Make Lincoln out of Pennies and dimes, quarters in background)

23) Old clothes (Ties jeans, etc)

24) Floppy Disks

25) “Escort cards” from basically the Strip in Vegas

26) Classic Game Cartridges (Game Boy Works Best)

27) Baseball/ Basketball/ Football Cards

28) Magazines

29) Screws/ Nuts/ Bolts

30) Take Out Menus

31) Automotive decals

32) Legos

33) “Cars for Sale” Ads.


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