Ten Cool Planters


Yesterday, I wrote a post about a few cool flower pots that were available for purchase around the web. Sadly, there were others around the web I looked for that I couldn’t find for sale anywhere. So, since I still want to show them to readers, I wanted to do another post on them while it was still on my mind.

So I posted a few pictures here, along with a link to the site I found them on in case you are more efficient at searching the internet than I am. Please CONTACT ME if you find them for sale somewhere and I will update the post.





(Lets you see if you need water or not)

Pet Plant: Creation of Junyi Heo, “it allows you to see your plant’s “emotions” – whether it needs water, is too hot, and other condition


Solar Powered Planter: Depending on the sunlight the planter will glow for 2 to 8.




Planter With Multi Directional Speakers from JVC.


What did I do Right Wrong?

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