Some Cool Planters

I have written in the past about house plants for guys that has been fairly popular since it went up. A house plant can show a guess that you have a nurturing side and various other function depending on which plants you choose. And since I am the type to shamelessly jump on a band wagon, I wanted to write a post about ways to store the aforementioned houseplants in cool ways. So as always, I will scour the Internet for pictures and places to to order order them.

***NOTE*** There are thousands of other cool options. However these are just afew that are for sale and I could find a place online to purchase them. 

Stack And Grow Terra Cotta Pot From Amazon $44.95

Comparatively, terra cotta pots are fairly mainstream and boring. But the stack able aspect of this one is a space saver. These would work well as a kitchen herb garden, and doing suck can eventually save you money on things like rosemary, basil, and coriander.

InstaSpark LED Light Changing Flower Pot: Amazon $9.95

This could be an excellent alternative to getting a bathroom night light. The plant will provide fresh air where it is desperately needed and we won’t have to urinate by sonar at 3a.m. anymore. These are smaller than you may expect (6.5″ by 7.5″) and run off 3 AA batteries.

GOOD Picture Flower Pots

I’ll admit that I couldn’t find a place to buy these, but I found them on and they directed me to the Russian Company that makes them. While Google Translate does a good job at most things, I was having difficulty navigating the site to find the price and where to “Add to cart”. If your have a quality photo altering program and a great printer, you may be able to make these yourself if you have the patience. With that said, these can become an excellent picture frame alternative.




This is a British company that makes custom planters from stainless and galvanized steel and also a lot of water features. You simply contact them with your own design with measurements, and they will custom-make the flower pot for you. They can even powder coat the galvanized pots to over 200 RAL colors.


What did I do Right Wrong?

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