Give Your Home The Industrial Look


In the beginning of the new century, stainless steel became the go to material for kitchen appliances. Getting a commercial look in the kitchen became a goal for even the type of people who not only can’t cook, but could mess up ordering a pizza. It seems that over the last decade, the trend has moved from “Commercial” to industrial, and I cannot say I hate it. I can say that I can help you replicate this look in your own place.

Replicating a factory in your living room or kitchen may not sound comfortable or elegant on the surface, but in reality it is simply taking minimalism to another level. Simple metal stools, brick walls, exposed light bulbs and overall, a lack of frills. It may be stark to some, but it is possibly the epitome of masculine interior design. At its very heart, it is functional above all else, which is what guys want.

Obtaining an industrial look seems to be focusing on the art of controlled chaos. While you want to have a finished space, you want to have some unfinished details. If you have a brick wall, leave it exposed. Buy antiques that have seen some wear and tear and leave them as they are. When it comes to lighting, I am a fan of pendant lights (If you have the clearance to walk around). Look for something similar to this pendant light from  Use metal piping (Personally a fan of 1 inch black iron) as towel racks or to create shelving units.

The big things to avoid here are the large, bulky pieces of furniture that look overly plush. Your overstuffed LA-Z-Boy probably won’t work. (Recliner suggestion here Available from Sears). The furniture shouldn’t be too ornate, the industrial look is about simplicity and functionality. Overly elaborate furniture will detract from your ultimate goal. If you can use metal, USE METAL. But if you decide to go with wood, make sure it it not finished wood. Liberal usage of a belt sander and a thick coat of polyurethane is a definite no-no. (Use a belt sander if there is a risk of splinters however, thought stating the obvious was a good call).

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