Five Cool Gadgets from Yanko Design

I won’t say that I am the guy that browses Bed Bath and Beyond for kitchen gadgets, but once and a while I come across something that looks interesting. These are a few things from Yanko Design I found interesting in their “Kitchen and Dining” Section. All of these things are for sale, so drop by to see more options for yourself. The links are below the pictures.


Bowlboard by $69

Wall Dispenser by Zevro

Smart Space Food Dispensor for $47.00


InsideOut Champagne Glasses

Champage Flute (Set of 2) for $59.00


Magnetic Spice Stand by Zevro

Magnetic Spice Stand for $49


Index Plus Chopping Board

Index Plus Chopping Board with Knives for $80


One comment on “Five Cool Gadgets from Yanko Design

  1. AKGDDM says:

    I like what I see so far. There are some fancy items for a new home. I found the index plu choppong board on this website as well. 21000000000396892 They have some fall designs and serving essentials.

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