Clear Gall Shower Doors

For years we have seen glass shower doors, however for reasons usually involving privacy, the style of choice for shower doors was textured for many years. This cause the tile walls you put in the shower to be hidden behind a piece of glass that obscured the part of the bathroom you possibly spent the most money on. A clear glass shower door can make your space seem more open and can seemingly provide a “frame” for the tile work and faucets that you picked out.

Granted, there are downsides to theclear glass. You won’t always get the privacy your do with textured finishes. However if the person is willig to be in the bathroom while you are in the shower, they usually know what to expect and have probably seen what you have before. The other issue people bring up with clear glass is the difficulty keeping it clean and devoid of water spots. I agree that they can be more work, but applying a coat of Rain-x (Available at many auto parts stores and wherever car cleaners are sold) will help keep the water marks off the glass.

So with that said, I wanted to post a few showers with clear glass doors that Lugbill Designs provided me with recently. If you are ever looking for Interior Design in the Chicago Area, be sure to email them. As you can see, she does amazing work and would be happy to do the same for you.




Take a look at Lugbill Design’s website for more of their brand of Chicago Interior Design.





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