Bedroom With Unexpected Wallpaper by Lugbill Designs

First and foremost, I want to thank Justin and Erica Lugbill from Lugbill Designs in Chicago, IL for a large compilation of pictures that you will see over the next few days. Lugbill Designs is a Chicago Interior Design company that does a lot af excellent work. For more information or to see their intrerior design portfolio, go to either the Lugill Designs website or take a quick look at out own Featured Designers page.

I have to admit, even though I run an interior design website, my instinct has always been  flat white ceiling paint on a ceiling. Seeing this picture opened the door to a drastically underrated space. The ceiling is a place you never really notice, even when it is done right. However using wallpaper above the bed gives your bedroom a very distinctive and memorable look.

This could be tough to do in many rooms where there is not an alcoved area in your ceiling, but rather than rip off a chunk of the house or adding the alcove yourself, consider using a thicker piece of molding to frame the wallpaper you choose. This will create the illusion of an architectural feature when in fact, there isn’t one. This is a fix that can be done for around $150 if you know how to shop for deals. Take a look at to browse various wallpaper styles to see if there are any you really like.

For more work by Lugbill Designs, Look at their online portfolio here.


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