Bar Hopping: The Lanesborough Library Bar/Garden in London

The Library Bar in the Lanesborough Hotel

Hyde Park Corner

London SW1X 7TA, United Kingdom


If I am good at anything, it may just be effectively pretending to be a man of refined taste. I like fine cigars, single malt scotches, bourbons and ryes, and look damn good in a suit when the occasion arises. So it is this reason that I know I would feel perfectly at home in The Library Bar in the Lanesborough Hotel in London.

This is a bar for those who think modern minimalist style has gone too far and want to go back to a time where detailed wood work and deep, rich colors are the norm. There are painting hanging on the wall, not photographs. Books actually FILL the bookshelves, and not the paperback Tom Clancy kind either. It has a feel closer to drinking in a affluent friend’s mansion as opposed to simply the bar a few floors below your Junior suite. This is the place you come after buying a half dozen new suits from Seville road and compare vintage Patek Phillippes with your XO Imperial Courvoisier compatriots.

While we may not all be able to live in a mansion, replicating this room in your home bar is possible if you have the money for it. Look around for dark wood book cases with a lot of embellishments. Avoid IKEA,  and look at furniture stores where a person knows how to wield a set of chisels. The furniture should be either a patterned high quality fabric or a dark brown leather. Consider a tufted leather with brass tacks or a fabric with a paisley patter. With the flooring, you get points for oppulance. Look for a Persian rug on top of either a parquee wood floor or a granite/marble tile with a 1/16th inch grout line.

And if you are in the London area, drop in for a Vesper Martini. I suggest Hendricks instead of Gordon’s, however.


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