Bar Hopping: My House in LA

My House in Hollywood

7080 Hollywood Blvd (La Brea Blvd Intersection)

Los Angeles, CA, 90028


Back in high school, house parties were commonplace for virtually everyone, but My House in Los Angeles is a giant step above.My House isn’t the place where you and your high school team mates knock back the beers that your dad didn’t lock up. It is the house party you see in the movies that you wanted to attend as opposed to the $5-keg-cup-party you had when you graduated high school. This is the state of the art “home” that even movie producers can enjoy and envy. The feeling is much more intimate and comfortable than many of the warehouse style clubs that have become popular over the last few decades.

The design of My House is a modern and dark look with a very stream lined look. Dodd Mitchell designed a place where every building material is featured but not over done. (For those of you who don’t know, Dodd Mitchell has designed some of LA’s greatest spots, including Dolce and Javier’s) You will see wood, stone, glass, and steel in My House, but none of the materials overwhelm, they merely compliment each other.  Everything was made to make the it feel like a luxury 10,000 square foot home, and no details were overlooked. The drawers are stocked with all the items you would expect when attending a house party. There are house plants, fresh baked cookies, delicious and creative drink options (As if your buddy decided to play mix-ologist, except much better)  and even robes in case you decide to take a dip in the hot tub.

While re-creating this look will cost you some money, getting your home bar to have the “My House” feel should not be difficult. The darker colors will give your home bar a more intimate feel. This is not a sterile white environment, this is a place that you can live in. Keep the lighter colors to the accents. The lighter gray of steel, the light tan color of the pine and the light gray stone will detract from the deeper colored walls that you had selected. While you want lots of lights, you do not want bright lights. Do not allow any exposed bulbs, and try to choose light fixtures with a paper or glass bulb coverings.

You also want to avoid getting enamored with any one material. Balance is the key. Select fabric sofas with polished metal legs, glass tables with stainless elements, wood frames around stone tile artwork. Picking something that has multiple building materials already incorporated is the best way to maintain the balance, that way everything ties together. You also want to use, or at least replicate, more swanky materials where possible. Look for alligator, leather, and velvet if you can get it, but if not it isn’t a big deal. These details are all smoke and mirrors in My House anyway. Keep the lines in your home horizontal whenever possible. This means selecting artwork that draws your eyes side to side as opposed to up and down. While a wall sculpture made with wood and stone would be perfect, you can also look for art like Bathroom Fantasmes or Fire if you don’t want to break the bank.

And as always, if you are in the area, stop into My House if you are in LA LA Land. Take a dip in the jacuzzi and jump on the bed for a while. It will be like the high school party you wish you went to. Take a look at My House or Dodd Mitchell Design’s site or for more pictures of great projects.


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