Art For Guys: Sports

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As movies become more and more predictable and television shows become more and more “Reality based”, sports has become the last sacred haven (As long as we don’t let Stern, Selig, and Goodell go too far). NO one was picking the Mavericks at the beginning of the season. No one would have seen the Eli break out of that pig pile to make the famous helmet pass that made the Patriots an 18-1 team. And no one would have pictured the Red Sox breaking an 94 year curse after being down 3 games in a 7 game series. These are the reasons we love sports. We can read the statistics, analyze the weather patterns, factor in home field, figure out if the quarter back is cheating on his girlfriend and we could still be wrong. This is why we love sports, and this is why we show off that passion in our own homes.

It has always been the consensus that when you decorate your place, decorate it with what you enjoy. This is why my place doesn’t have Warhol and Dali prints, but instead I am looking for sports memorabilia to hang on the walls. These are available all over the Internet. It is easy to find them on Amazon or Consider doing something different. I am a big fan of signed boxing gloves or robes myself, because you don’t get to see much boxing anymore (Unless you have HBO and want to stay in on a Saturday night). However both these sites have tons of things autographed. Pro Sports Memorabilia even has game used memorabilia like this piece of flooring from this year’s Final Four. If you can do something different, go for it. A football helmet can be seen in almost every basement bar in America, but you will be one of the few to have light fixtures from the Orange Bowl or the Seat-back signed by Joe Namath from Jets/Shea Stadium.

You obviously aren’t limited to memorabilia either. One of my favorite posts I have ever seen on Apartment Therapy featured a couple who turned a vintage ticket stub into a decal. They changed they dates and things around for sentimental value (anniversary date), but feel free to take your own liberties as you see fit. Consider the stub from your first baseball game or find a copy of a ticket when your team won a championship. Ebay has a decent collection of ticket stubs for sale. After that, it is up to you to seek out a printer in your area that could print out the decal for you.

What people also seem o forget is sports are not just for spectators. Showing off your old Championship trophies or your Letterman jacket from schools is a great ideas, so long as they are displayed the right way. Buying a glass trophy case may be a bit much, but a simple glass floating shelf and a battery operated LED light would be a cheaper alternative.

You will also want to consider mounting your sporting equipment on the walls. While in olden day it was common to see swords and Shields over the fireplace, you choose to go into battle with other weapons (Melodramatic much?). Build some wood racks for your baseball bats, fishing poles, or possibly your old football helmets. If your hobby is a bit too large to display on the wall (biking, auto racing, etc) put just a part of your passion on the wall. Mounting bicycle tires or if you are really ambitious, mounting the hood of one of your old wrecks on the wall will be if nothing else, a solid conversational piece.

Regardless, your home should be a sanctum where you highlight your passions. And if you are like me and have ESPN on at least a few hours a day, these can be great ways to go about it.


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