Window Treatments Saved My Life

Site: Men’s Health

Article: Window Treatments Saved My Life

Author: Victor Teran

Before your mind concocts images of a man desperately gripping onto a set of blinds in the midst of flood waters or bull fighting with a red valance, this is about the emotional benefits of a guy actually creating his own space. Victor was a 33 year old divorced man who used interior decorating to get a hold of his life.

Here is one of my favorite quotes from the article:

“I’d spent my entire life occupying other people’s spaces. My parents’ house. My college dorm. The myriad apartments  I’d lived in after college. The apartment my wife and I had rented. I’d always considered myself too much of a free spirit to lay down roots. That was bullshit. I was just afraid to commit—to anything or anyone or any place.” Victor Teran

This is why men never really cared about interior design, it seems there is always someone else to do it for us. However as divorce is on the rise and men are staying single longer and longer, we have to stop relying on other people. We pride ourselves on the independence we garnered in our mid twenties but don’t know how to show off that we don’t really need anyone else. Having a well defined home helps show that we don’t live at our mother’s house anymore and we won’t settle for cheap thrift store furniture randomly hashed together. We are 100% independent.


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