Lifestyles of Superheros: Iron Man’s Point Dume Home

I posted news his morning that made me considerably unhappy. The home from the Iron Man movies is not real, seeing as building on Point Dume in Malibu is illegal. While a similar home exists in San Diego, it doesn’t feel the same as the cliff side home from the films. After a period of browsing Scarlett Johannson pictures for comfort, I decided to inform people both that:

A) The house was a 3-Dimensional Computer Generated Image and that I shouldn’t wire my $25 million to anyone.

B) I am really late to the game. That movie came out about five years ago and I am just finding this out now.

So, to soothe what pain remains after this tragic news I decided to revive my Lifestyles of the Superheroes theme one more time to show off this home to whoever has about $40 million. So, for those of you who have been followers of this site for a while, you know the routine. Here are some images from the (movie) home so you can match Tony Stark’s Minimalist style.

OK, maybe this isn’t from the home, but its hard NOT to include this picture

Tony Stark’s home in the films does match his personality rather well. It is modern, over the top, and has a minimum amount of items with high emotional value. Everything is streamlined. Art and photos are kept to a minimum, mostly because it would take away from the picturesque ocean view. While you cannot recreate the view, you can mimic the look to some degree.

Building Materials: The materials in this home are fairly simple, yet still costly. You want to look for White Portland Cement, which can be fairly hard to find. Simple sheet rock walls will not quite cut it here. You also want a good deal of marble and glass, which usually doesn’t come cheap.  If you want to warm up the area slightly, you may want to consider bamboo floors, which could cut your costs from the crisp white marble. If you choose to go the tile route, you want to look at larger tile and keeping grout lines to a minimum. Try to make it look like as seamless as possible.

Furniture: The best way to create contrast in an all white room is to use black. The furniture that Tony (or more likely his interior designer) has chosen still holds modern and minimalist principals. Look for furniture from Eames, if you have the wallet for it. If that is not the case, IKEA has a lot of modern furniture that could accomplish the same look. Look at the Klappsta or the Karlstad collections to get the look you want for considerably less.

Lighting: The lights in the “Malibu” home are not a focal point. Most of the lights are recessed or wall units. There are not floor lamps to clutter the place up and there are no exposed bulbs. You may also want to take a look at cove lighting. This can be another way to avoid bulbs and bulky fixtures taking away from you your newly minimalist manner.

Found on Lighting Universe

Color: While in life the rule is usually to avoid absolute black and whites, this is where you want to embrace it. Let your view become the focal point. Occasionally light browns might be incorporated for warmth, but those are few and far between.

Accessories: If you don’t need it or cannot hide it, don’t get it. The key is to show off your floor space. Wall mount your TV and hide it if possible Look for something similar to the Messenger from Lammhalts for a TV stand or the Broder shelving units from IKEA. And when you put things on the aforementioned shelves, keep it sparse.

So, without too much further ado, here is a compilation of images that are similar to Iron Man’s Point Dume Home so you know that you are not the only one who wants to emulate this in your own MAN-LAIR. I tried to show places without a view as often as possible, so you can see what it looks like without the ocean view, which most of us obviously don’t have.

Found on

Found on

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