House Plants For Guys

Men are all about function in the home, and while many people think of house plants as a decorative touch, they preform a variety of great functions. Having a plant in the corner of the living room with provide fresh air through photosynthesis and even can keep your from buying candles, spices or even vegetables. Needless to say, it is in your best interest to get a few houseplants and to keep them alive. So, being the amazing human being that I am, (“Human being” title under debate depending on which ex-girlfriend you talk to) I will give you a short list of the more manly plants to keep around the house. I’ll also throw in a few pictures too, just to be a nice guy.

Cacti: Let’s face it, not all of us are the nurturing type. You still get the same Carbon Dioxide into oxygen effect you get from other plants, but you may not get as much. The biggest issue with a cactus is that it is obviously not a plant you want to bump into in the middle of the night. Besides that, if you can keep it in an out-of-the-way place, a cactus can be a nice low maintenance addition.

Rosemary: This is actually a herb that I think bachelors should keep around for cooking. Living alone, I eat a lot of grilled chicken. It is fairly cheap and easy to make, and throwing a few rosemary leaves and some lemon juice on a piece of chicken is easy to do. Having a renewable source of rosemary will save you $4 at the grocery store every couple of months. Again, it is about function, and if a half cup of water every week or so saves me money and makes my dinner taste better, it is well worth it.


Areca Palm: This is a plant that is known as one of the better air purifiers. It is a native of Madagascar and gives your home a slight tropical feeling. They grow rather large, up to around 10 feet (Consider many ceilings are only 8 feet high) and can over-take a corner of a room fairly easily, but the bigger it is, the more purification it does.

Carnivorous Plants: These are plants such as the Venus Fly trap and the Rumba that actually consume insects stupid enough to fly into their field of death. There are many species of plants that actually eat insects for added sustenance. The are manly plants to keep around because they preform the functions of getting rid of insects, creating fresh air, and KILL THINGS. Having a plant that can hold its own and take out the enemy is appealing to a lot of us. However, these plants are slightly tricky to keep alive. They usually require humid climates, so if you live in the American northeast, for example, you will need to keep it in a specially designed case to hold in the humidity.


Peppers: Having fresh vegetables always appealed to me much more than having a simple ficus or spider plant. The great thing is with the help of sunlight (They need about 6 hours a day) and lots of water, you could have fresh peppers year round. These plants do not usually grow so large that they overtake a room the way a cucumber or other vine plant can. In addition the peppers give a room a burst of color. It is just like having flowers you can eat.


Basil: While you may thing about basil as simply a cooking herb, the bigger advantage is actually the scent. Why spend $20 on a candle when you can get a couple plants? While explaining smell is not easy, there are species of basil that have lemon and even cinnamon notes. Combine that with the fact you don’t have to worry about burning your place down, and you have a definite advantage over candles.

Japanese Peace Lily/ Spathiphyllum: You caught me, I added this one just because I loved both the “Blood and Ice Cream” movies and there aren’t many design aspects inside of Shaun of the Dead. This plant does provide a lot of air purification qualities. The Spathiphyllum is also slightly poisonous, which makes it slightly bad ass. Needless to say this a plant you might want to keep away from small children and stupid animals.


What did I do Right Wrong?

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