Broc’s Chicago Aparment

Site: Apartment Therapy


There is no reason Homes4Men cannot be modern. I am sure, given the majority of the post I have put up, that many of you may have the impression that I am adverse to modern design or that I think the only way to make a manly space is to have a craftsman style home with touches of Henry Hobson Richardson in every room. This is not the case however. This apartment hits many notes I would love to see replicated in other MAN-LAIRs that have yet to be made.

This home, which was submitted into Apartment Therapy’s 7th Annual Smallest/Coolest Home Contest, really hit a lot of notes that I likes. The walls were dark and you notice them immediately. The counter balance with the white cabinets and white exposed brick gives the room a yin/yang feel. The dark color doesn’t overwhelm. The exposed wood on the ceiling add another great touch, which is tied in well with the Eames Chair, the dark wood floors and the lower cabinets by the range.

The bedroom gives you another touch of masculine style. The plaster Deer heads and cow hide rug really let a guy have the hunter/gatherer feel that we typically lose in most modern style adaptations. The Wood canopy bed matches the floor well too.

If I had to give a critique, there is really only two. For on, the lights over the kitchen peninsula don’t really fit with the rest of the style. I would have gone with a stainless pendant light instead to keep the commercial feel he has in the kitchen.The only other thing I would look to change is the brown glass tile back splash. It probably looked better with a blue or a black glass. Other than those small personal touches, I believe this is a perfect look we can all create with relative ease.


What did I do Right Wrong?

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