Art for Guys: Movie Posters

Men always loved movies. I always attributed it to both the giant screen and the fun we have all had in the back row at some point or another, but I could be wrong. Many of us have quoted Airplane! or Caddyshack at one time or another and we probably did one or two James Bond style introductions in our lifetime.

So the trick is to show off your love of movies in your home without looking immature. The best use of movie posters in a room is actually Wilson’s from House M.D. This is a very attractive alternative for people who don’t like traditional art but don’t really want posters either. In the show he has posters from VertigoTouch of Evil, and Ordinary People. These are older movies that were extremely well done films but may not be well-known by everybody today.

The biggest thing is to make sure that you frame your choice, whatever it may be. This is the difference between looking like a film school hipster and a purveyor of historical films. Frame USA has a collection of poster frames for fairly cheap if you want to go that route, but I always like to suggest building it yourself if you can. If you cannot figure out how to make a frame, spend you money here as I walk away, shaking my head disappointed in you. .

Wilson’s office is a great guide, but feel free to go a little more mainstream if you want, just try to keep the the same style if you can. A few of my favorites are Bullitt, The Original Casino Royale, Kubrick’s SpartacusThe Maltese FalconAngels With Dirty Faces, Sinatra’s Ocean’s Eleven, and Chinatown. You might have to search for a site where you can buy these exact pictures, but it will be worth it in the end.

The key, if you plan on going with official movie art like these, is to stay away from movies that have been overdone. Movies like The Godfather, Fight Club, Boondock Saints, The Dark Knight and particularly Pacino’s Scarface seem to be in every eighteen-year-old’s dorm room. I love all these movies, but you want to look like you have your own sophisticated ideas, not like someone who just went to Spencer’s Gifts.

If you really want one of the more overdone movies, try a quick google image search for minimalist movie posters. I added about a half dozen really good ones at the bottom for you to consider, and where you can get them.  This will let you show off your favorite movie in a way that not many people are yet.


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