A Contemporary Craftsman Home

Site: Craftsman Home.com


Masculine home design would be nothing without pliable substances like wood, stone and metal. Men are traditionally stoic and introverted emotionally, but building materials give real men a means of expression. With these items we can create anything. We can denote a particular feeling with these items better than some of us can form with words. This is why I love the craftsman style home. Wood is such a strong and warm substance by its very nature, and in the hands of a truly talented individual it can become anything at all.

This home appealed to me because there are subtle touches of contemporary style sprinkled through-out. The glass front cabinet, arched doorways and the vertical lines in the cabinets and fireplace in the top photograph give the house just enough of an update to bring it in the 21st century.

But it is the craftsman part of the home that really make it. There little metal that is involved is antiqued, possibly an oil-rubbed bronze. The rest of the house you pay the most attention to the wood in the furniture and the stone in the fireplaces. Nothing looks “light and air-y”. It almost all gives you some degree of permanence.

I am not entirely sure I want to stamp it as a Home4Men yet though. The place is about 85% there, but they just went a little bit off when it came to accessories. Too much in the house seems superficial. There are many patterns that are too frilly for my taste, such as the rugs.The table lamp and small statuettes in the third are slightly feminine to me, but excusable since they still adhere to the “craftsman” style.

Overall this is an amazing home that sticks really well to the tenants of craftsman architecture. Many of the pictures I have been including lately have been fairly modern, seeing as that what I have been seeing on most websites and that is what is hot now. However, this Dug Up home works really well giving guys another look to consider emulating.


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