Art for Guys: Business Art

I know that the idea of business art may not sound like a great way to relax, especially if you spend ten hours a day in a cubicle and being told you have “A case of the Mondays”. This may come to a surprise to some of you, but some people love their jobs. And not just the times they turn their computer screen away from the window and look at the week’s Sexy Chivers post. Some people actually love the minutia of TPS reports and pouring over stock charts for a possible head and shoulders pattern.

Even though many of us may view these people as weird or possibly easily entertained, if it is what they love they should incorporate it into their homes. We can ridicule them later.

While “business art” may sound weird to you, you may be forgetting what “Art” is meant to do. It is supposed to move you emotionally in some way. If you hate your job, you obviously do not want to bring it home with you. However if you are lucky enough to enjoy what you do every day, there is no reason you can’t show that off.

Let’s get the business aspect that I am talking about straight for a moment. I am talking about the “Dilbert” type office where there are accounting, IT, and human resources  type of jobs. The type of jobs you never dreamed of doing when you were five.

I am actually a full time stock broker while I get Homes4Men up and running, so there are certain charts and stocks that I have a emotional attachment to. Many of these are the companies I may have won big on and remember positively. Times I bet against the conventional knowledge and went with my gut and was rewarded big. In a profession that doesn’t really give out awards, these choices can be like mounting plaques on your walls. Similarly, if you are a manager and increased sales by x percent in your first year, that may be an accomplishment that you are proud of. Showing it off the way you would an old baseball trophy is not a bad idea.

Another idea is to start saving your business cards. Over the course of twenty years in the work force the titles, companies and possibly even your name (Think marriage or witness protection program) will change. Making a collage of old business cards could remind you where you have been and where you are now.

These work great if you are in a suit and tie arena, but what about if you are in a slightly more hands-on job like Information Technology. Computer chips have been integrated into many pieces of furniture and wall art that you may want to consider. While a couch of computer chips sounds uncomfortable, there are coffee tables and things that do integrate them well. This will probably be expensive, so you might want to make your own. Try digging out motherboards out of old desktops that you may have stored up in your basement or garage and simply gluing them to a table and mounting a piece of glass over it. This is a fairly easy project that almost anyone with some degree of craftsmanship.

Being a self-made man also has it’s advantages as well. Being in the middle of starting my own company, I have become attached to the message and creation of Homes4Men. When you become emotionally attached to a company similarly, there is no real reason to hide it. Why not frame a mission statement of your company. If your company really grows to the point of an initial public offering (IPO- Where a company’s stock becomes publicly traded on an exchange), there are even specialty frames designed for stock certificates. Framing the certificate of your “ceremonial first trade on the New York Stock Exchange” might be an idea for you.

So should you bring your work home with you? It depends on whether you take pride in your job or not.


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