Mirror Intervetion

Anyone who has been in a store that focuses an home goods has probably heard that mirrors can make a room feel bigger. While this is true, that doesn’t mean you should turn your room into a fun house. I decided this would be a good time to show you some of the “DON’Ts” when it comes to mirrors.

This article came after I saw a really poorly done mirrored wall this weekend. I wanted Homes4Men to move away from these campy articles and towards a more reference based site, but this is one I couldn’t resist. Enjoy the sarcasm and don’t take it too seriously.

The Living Room: I’ll admit that I can be vain, but I don’t need to look at myself every time I turn my head. A full wall of reflective glass is a great idea in a gym but that is only because you need to ensure your form is correct when you dead lift. This can help prevent injuries. However if you are in your living room eating Spaghetti-Os out of the pot, odds are the only thing you stand a chance of damaging is your sense of shame (If you have any left). And if you wind up hurting yourself while eating Spaghetti-Os, proper form has nothing to do with it. Keep the mirrored walls at the gym and keep subtlety in mind in at home.

Bedroom: What was popular in the porn movies of the 1970s didn’t really last the test of time and are considered tacky by many of today’s standards. Leopard skin prints and mustaches are two, mirrored walls and ceilings are another. I can understand the appeal of being able to see every angle of your lovers body.  Make your bedroom feel like it belongs in your home, not like it belongs in the “honeymoon suite” of a cheap motel. When it comes to having a space that says “We will have sex whether you like it or not” signals, a mirrored bedroom ceiling is somewhere between a playboy paraphernalia and a nightstand bottle of chloroform.

Large Mirrors in Ugly Rooms: Yes, a mirror can make a room look bigger, but that is not always a good thing. If you have an ugly couch, now it looks like you have two ugly couches. If your dog left a “present” on your rug, you now have two. If the room is overly cluttered and messy, it looks like you are now twice the slob you were. Look at the picture to the right. LOOK AT IT!!! Now think you can potentially stand in that room and see TWO of everything here. Now picture having to see that every morning when you wake up. The best part of waking up could possibly be pulling the cover of the ceiling fan and putting your face in the blade. It may not rhyme, but it makes the point.

Bathrooms: There are a lot of good reasons to have a large mirror in the bathroom. You want to be able to see if something is wrong with your body while you are getting ready in the morning. You don’t want to walk out the door for work if you still have a remnant of last night’s edible underwear on your left cheek. However you need to know when to stop. You don’t want a full wall of mirrors in the bathroom. Have you ever seen yourself in the bathroom? It isn’t pretty. Watching yourself excrete the triple bean chili dip and pitcher of bourbon you had for lunch will not be a pleasant sight unless your have taken narcissism to a ridiculous, therapy requiring level. A mirror over the vanity is more than enough for most people.


Some photos found on uglyhousephotos.com, the others are from people who are actually trying to sell an aspect of these rooms, usually glass work. I didn’t include the link because it is not really a great advertisement for them. I just hot linked the pictures, so you can find the sites that way, but given my thoughts they probably don’t want me to link their sites here.

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