Lifestyles of Superheros: Asgard

Thor doesn’t use Asgard as a base because he identifies more with earth, but 

Blake’s NYC apartment lacks the “AWESOME” that Asgard has in spades.

One of the original Avengers and the Norse god of thunder, Thor never really got his big break. Doctor Donald M. Blake never really caught on the way his Marvel compatriots Captain America, Spider Man, and Wolverine have. The doctor/thunder god never had the same mass appeal, most likely because he didn’t really have issues that appealed to children and young adults the way Peter Parker (Responsibility), The X-Men (alienation) and Tony Stark (Alcohol) do. However when it comes to style, Asgard definitely seems like a great place for guys to live.

Thor is getting ready for his own movie, released in the U.S. on May fifth, so it will effectively kick off the 2011 summer movie season. So am I just trying to jump in on the extra Goggle traffic? Very much so. The fact that I call myself “The Ginger Barbarian” and enjoy driving my Saab in a Viking helmet doesn’t hurt either.

So how do we create the look of our homes so as to mimic a land of Viking deities? It won’t be easy. This, and in particular Valhalla, are places of opulence and indulgence.

Lets start off by saying this throne room will not be a really function space for most people. This look would probably work best for a bedroom, dining room or bathroom, where furniture can be kept to a minimum. Think about the way that Donald Trump would decorate. He thinks that he is a god, so having a decorating style similar to Asgard’s is understandable. Here is the short list of key ideas.

1) Big Open Spaces– Real estate prices must be dirt cheap in Asgard, seeing as they tend to leave a lot of square footage unused. Asgard is almost* minimalist. The do not include one stick of furniture more than they need. The throne room has a throne and some seats that let you look at the throne, and that is about it. In your home don’t have anything you do not need. Your bedroom needs a bed, keep clothes in the closet and toss the dresser. Your dining room needs a table, get rid of the hutch. Your bathrooms needs a toilet, sink and shower, avoid all hampers, towels, towel racks, and shower curtains.

*More on that in a second

2) Details- Just because you don’t have a lot of furniture or accessories doesn’t mean you skimp on the non-functional details. The more intricate the details the better. Consider throwing the money you save on stark furnishings to buy Detailed Crown molding and classic style chandeliers like this one by Eurofase or this one from Glomar.

3) Colors– This is where you really begin to limit yourself in order to adhere to the Asgardian ideals. There is a very small section of the color wheel that Odin finds acceptable, the yellows, browns and golds. Keep the paint colors light, because you want people to be looking at your furniture and art pieces, not your walls. Try a lighter beige or a tan. Yellows are typically hard colors to pick out from a pile of paint chips

4) Textures-As much as I dislike their color choices, I can’t argue with their building materials. This is where you can really break your budget. Odin, keeping with his previously mentioned color scheme, looks to be a fan of polished stone tile and gold. If real gold is too pricey for you, go ahead and look at brass and copper. When it comes to stone look for lighter colored granites or a slightly darker color marble. Avoid the whites, but the yellows and tans are in play. If you do want to try something slightly darker, look at This polished marble from Home Depot. Wood is also welcome, but make sure that it is a high quality wood (Try mahogany, avoid the cheaper looking oaks and pines.) However, if you go this dark on the floor or the furniture, be willing to go really light on the walls with a lighter yellow or an off white.

5) Furniture– The rule here again is details. The furniture should also look large and imposing. “Like something only a god with super strength could have put there. Brass or gold was the right way to go with whatever accessories you pick such as wall art or lighting, but in terms of beds, tables or chairs you will probably have to go with wood to get the heavy look you want. Look at large canopy beds similar to this one found on and large dining room tables like this one from Mahogany and More. No, these are not cheap, but the look we are going for isn’t.

6) Art– Odin doesn’t waste a chance to show the work of a master smith unless it might get in the way of his walking path. Artisan House Online has a large collection of metal wall art that would work extremely well. Look particularly at Summer Oak for brass or Indulgence for copper. Even outlet and switch covers should have a touch of metal to show that you too pay attention to details.

So this is not going to be a cheap room renovation, but it is meant to be comfortable for an all-powerful being, not your wallet. As always, here is a small collection of rooms that have touches of Asgard.

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