Lifestyles if Superheros: Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters


All of us identify with one of the X-men on some level (mostly Wolverine). We feel some degree of alienation, but also have something inside us that says we are capable of great things. We may fall short on the whole “controlling the weather” or “walking through walls”, but we can use our talents and influence to somehow improve either the world or our life. So, it is understandable that we might want to emulate the School for the Gifted.

The Professor’s collegiate atmosphere for mutant kind is best described as a castle. While it may not have all the stone work, the home feels like something directly out of a mid 19th century architectural magazine. The various rotundas and open courtyard are impressive features. It seems almost as if the artist who created Xavier’s school as if he wanted to jam together the entire University of Virginia into one building with a few more modern renovations.

I know we can also talk about the secret basement of the school is where the real “X-Men” spend most of their time, but that has consistently looked like a giant walk-in freezer. This won’t be a comfortable feel to have in your home unless you want to build microchips from scratch in your free time. In which case, that sterile environment is exactly what you are looking for.

Sit down, relax, and put on the gown. And if you leave your 

fingerprints anywhere, I swear I will fire lasers at you. 

I want to discuss the top half of the mansion. The intellectual haven where the majority of mutants spend their time.The place that seems to have a mahogany book case on every wall filled with man leather bound books (Couldn’t resist the Burgundy reference). It all has that timeless look of a time when furniture wasn’t built out of particle board and crown molding was the norm.


So how do you get this look in your home, without the laser burns, empty beer cans opened with claws, and a giant blue doctor shedding on your Persian rug.  As anyone who has read this series before could have guessed, here are a few simple guidelines on how to replicate this look in your space.

1) Wood- This can not be understated. Every interior of the school (Apart from aforementioned basement) seems to have one kind of wood or another. This is not limited to the floor either, it makes up the furniture, the molding, and the storage. Many of the walls have floor to ceiling bookshelves. The fireplaces have heavy wood mantles and the furniture usually has a wood accent. It is in this environment that wood becomes the standard and the plaster/sheet rock becomes an accent.  When it comes to wood, you cannot really over do it. Stick to the darker woods with a warm color like cherry, rosewood or mahogony. Stain pine if you have to, but stick to these colors.

2) Furniture– This is an instance where going to an antique store is really your only option. If you don’t want to be on a all hard wood bench when you are reading the works of Darwin, feel free to try a vintage look with leather upholstry. Think about the ones simlar to this office chair from or this English leather chair from If you are considering this look in a bedroom, look at the Tuxedo Tufted Bed from Big Lots for a expensive looking piece of furniture for realitively cheap.

3) Wall Colors– There are many different ways to go about color here, but the key is to stay away from the modern whites and blacks. Make sure to pick a color that works well with the wood and is immediately recognizable such as a tan or a hunter green. If you want to keep the historic theme going, look at Valspar’s National Trust for Historic Preservation collection. According to the National Trust for Historic Preservation, this collection “features over 250 historic colors which generate much needed revenue to support our efforts to help people protect the historic places that matter to them.” So not only do you get a great paint color, you can help keep place like the Mark Twain house in Hartford, CT operational. Wallpaper is also an option here, but most people buying homes are not big fans of removing your wallpaper, so this can hurt your resale value.

4) Electronics– This is tough for me to say as a gadget loving guy, but keep electronics to a minimum. This room should be a place for more intellectual persuits and serious discussions, and turning on Tosh.0 or a Stallone movie can hinder that atmosphere.Whatever electronics you need in the room (i.e. a computer in your office) try to keep it hidden as often as possible. Look at a roll top desk to hide you computer or a media cabinet to hid your television and sound system.

5) Lighting– This is an area where you can get really ornate if you want. Think about candeliers and candle lights wherever possible to give you that mid 19th century feel. I would look at the oil rubbed bronze, copper or distressed brass lights. Think along the lines of Hampton Bay Cheateau Deville Collection 5 Light Walnut Chandelier. If you want something slightly more modern, look at the Hampton Bay Somerset semi-flush celing mount light.Whatever you pick, make sure that you cannot see the light bulbs.

So there was a quick overveiw of how to replicate the home base of Professor Xavier and freinds. To keep the visually stimulated among your happy, here is a small collection of homes that adhere to this style.

Mark Twain House

Found on New Interior Design blog

Found on

Found on


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