Bar Hopping: Brew Dog in Aberdeen, Scotland

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17 Gallowgate,

Aberdeen, AB25 1EB


I decided this morning I wanted to start a continueing feature on something that greatly appeals to guys, the home bar. The place where you hang your teams replica championship banners, pass out your own home made craft beers to your buddies before you insult his love of Crocs without shelling out $5 for a pint or $9 for a Old Fashioned. Any place where you can hand out a few beers at the end of a long week.

Now any guy who picked up a circular saw and started making his own bar wants one thing, for it to look like the real thing. He wants it to look like a place he won’t be ashamed of handing over a cover charge and getting patted down at the door. Making sure your basement bar doesn’t look like a dive joint is important, so with this said I am going to start “Bar Hoping”. This is going to be a continuing feature where I look at professionally designed bars that you can draw inspirtion from. Now you probably won’t have the rooftop terrace with a veiw of the Empire State Building or a line out the door, but you will have a bar where you don’t have to worry about calling a cab. Plus that line out the door can really do a number on your lawn.

So without further yammering, at least until next post, I want to introduce you to BrewDog bar in Aberdeen, Scotland.   I found this bar in the nominees for the UK based “Restaurant & Bar Awards“. While many of the bars have great looks, I love the fact they created an amazing look without expensive materials. The bar is a simple brick with a a concrete top, a project that almost anyone can do. The white subway tile backsplash, the exposed lighting, unfinshed concrete and exposed brick walls give you a early 20th century industrial feel, but the wooden  furniture gives it a minimalist twist. I also like the platform that looks as though it was made from reclaimed pallet boards. The redish brown of the brick and the light brown of the wood really warm the place up.

Create This Space Yourself

This look should be fairly easy to replicate in your home, particularly if you have a poured concrete basement. I can understand if you are hesitant to bild a 40″ high brick wall in your basement, but getting a faux brick wallpapers that you can buy, however I would look try and get the real thing if possible. Building a concrete countertop is a slightly more daunting task, but not and expensive one. There is a lot of labor that goes into it, so read up first before deciding if this look is right for you. There is more information on them here if you are interested.

The pallet board could actually be cheap if you have a truck and are willing to do the legwork. Go to an industriaql center in your city and start knocking on doors. Many manufacturers ship in more than they ship out. This is due to scrapping some parts and having to order a pallet of material and keeping the rest in the store room for a rainy day. Try making some calls and ask what they do with them. Even if they charge you $5 a pallet, it could be worth it compared to fresh lumber costs. It may take a while to collect all the wood you need, but it can be worth it in the end.

Also, if you can get it from either on of Brewdog’s bars or if you want to just order it online, give one of Brewdog’s beers a try. I’m a fan of the Tactical Nuclear Penguin myself.

If you want me to feature your bar on MAN-LAIR’s Bar Hopping, home bar or otherwise, contact me with a little information about your place and a few pictures.

BrewDog’s Website 

Restaurant and Bar Design Awards Website:


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