5 Easy Shower Patterns

After putting in new Concrete Backer board in my shower this weekend, I had to start looking around for a tile pattern that I wanted. While I picked up a few books, many books that are for sale focus on intricate mosaics with smaller tile, which takes more skill. However being a firm DIY person with a limited time frame, I thought 12×12 tile would work much easier and more expedient than it’s 1×1 or even 3×3 counterparts. So as long as I am going to be looking at floor and shower patterns, I would share some of my favorites with Home4Men readers.

I will try to keep the designs fairly simply so you will be able to install them yourself without too much time with a tub saw. If you want smaller tile such as 1″ or 3″ square, consider looking for pre-spaced 12″x12″ sheets of mosaic tile. Most tile and major hardware stores have them and this step will make your job a lot easier, however at about $10 a square foot on average, it can get very expensive.


This is one of the easiest patterns for a tiling lay-person to create. Once you ensure that the first tile is square and level in every direction, you simply build off of it. I would strangely advise marking level lines with either a level, straight edge and a pencil or a laser level before hand to ensure that you are square. The 3″ focal line could be cut from another colored tile or even the same colored tile. Feel free to creating a double or triple line as well if you feel comfortable with it.


While this staggered pattern with beige “subway” tile may look slightly more intricate, the premise it the same. This is an unorganized staggered pattern. Look at the way the grout line does not proceed in any real pattern. This is an artistic choice that you can choose to make. The diamond pattern at the top is made by simply cutting a tile in half diagonally and getting another tile (the same size) and placing it between them. Note: Finding rectangular tile can be difficult, as many manufacturers do not provide them in this shape. However just because you bought 12″x12″ tile does not mean you need to put up tile that large. If you make three equal cuts in a 12″x12″ tile, you get 3-4″x6″ tiles. Remember that the tile saw blade takes up space as well.


This is another easy to create pattern. Begin with cutting the bottom layer of tile in half diagonally and creating the base layer. Ensure the bottom edge is square and level and build from there. If you decide you want a smaller tile insert like the bronze pieces shown here, I would try and avoid cutting it yourself. Many companies have pre cut tile ready for you to pick the insert. These are available at most Home Depots and are done often by DalTile.


This is simply another staggered pattern similar to the second picture, however the grout lines are more organized and the tiles are vertical as opposed to horizontal. I wanted to show off mosaic tile idea, just remember that this will cost you around $19 a square foot.


I know, this is not a shower, but if you want rectangular tile this is another way you can try it. This vertically stacked tile has clean, uninterrupted horizontal grout lines that the staggered pattern doesn’t. It gives the impression of columns as opposed to brick work, and is not a style seen everywhere. It looks as though they created a thicker grout line every four tiles, which shows you not to be afraid to not only play with the lay out, but also the spacing. Don’t put it on the wall until you know what you want.


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