Walking Through The Door

Welcome to Homes4Men. This is the inaugural post for the site, so a quick explaination why I decided to spend the precious time I could spend watching SportsCenter talking about home decor.

Back in April, I bought my first home. 890 sq feet of hard-wooded seclusion for me to rebuild and personalize with no voice to listen to except my own. I had the intent of hitting the ground running immediately after changing the locks, and I started searching the usual home design sites. Apartment Therapy, Sherwin Williams, HGTV, Inhabit, Design Sponge, etc.

While all these sites are good at what they do, they never hit the nail on the head when it came creating to a masculine space. All the sites were aimed toward women. They all felt like they were trying to hang drywall with nails when it came to bachelor pad design. Yes, a nail may work, but it  that never beats a good screw. (Pun and innuendo always intended)

So, come April 1, 2011, I decided I have had enough or the gynocractic rule of furniture and home goods stores. I will scower the internet for those of us whose genitals dangle in order to make sure we no longer have this issue. Bachelor pads will no longer be susceptible to lace curtains or floral prints.

  1. Homes4Men is about comfort and function. There will be nothing frilly or lacy unless your current companion wears it. Every item will have a purpose of some kind, and will look good doing it.
  2. Homes4Men is not just about design, but about repair, maintenance, and every other topic that comes with having your own set of walls.
  3. Homes4Men should be a community where men will all be able to ask/give advice and criticism. We will be electronically inviting people into our homes (BYOB rules aply). This should always be helpful and well intended.
  4. Homes4Men is a site for the MEN of yesteryear who are still around in a post metrosexual world. We want to make your place more Steve McQueen and much, much less Hugh Grant.
  5. Homes4Men is here to help, inform and inspire. No man should fear a department store. This site will inspire men to walk through Home Depot’s bright orange doors and explore the way your significant other combs through Macy’s.
  6. Homes4Men is a revolution aimed at allowing the man-cave to escape the windowless basements and cluttered attics in order reclaim the living room, bedroom, kitchen, yard and garage. No space is immune to being re-conquered.
  7. Homes4Men is light hearted and fun. I do not take myself all too seriously and don’t want you to either. You spend 8 hours in the office dealing with other people’s problems all day, coming home should ALWAYS be an happy occasion. Dictating how you MUST decorate will only lead to discomfort, and will not be the STAG SPOT way. Home style is an art to be tailored to the individual.
  8. Homes4Men is a teensy bit sexist. I make no apologies, only warnings.
  9. Homes4Men knows that it is not the end-all/be-all when it comes to home decoration. WE will posts links  to other websites when and if  the content is not origional.  I will give credit where it is due, as all real men should. I will merely comment and offer improvments where I believe they are warranted.
  10. Homes4Men’s overall goal is to give modern rennassiance men a degree of comfort and control in their own home.

I look forward to rushing into the trenches with you against traditional gynocratic decor, gentlemen.


What did I do Right Wrong?

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