Top Ten Tools For Home Workshops

The first thing to say that this is a work shop, not a garage. I have left out the majority of tools you will use on cars and metal, seeing as you will not need many of them when working on your home. No matter what I put on this list, there will be a list of things people said I “forgot” so these are just the tools that are most commonly used in household remodeling and basic furniture building.

10) ROUTER: While this will go unused many times, there are many things you build will look better with a softer, decorative edge. While a belt sander works great on flat surfaces, getting a uniform bull nose edge without a router is almost impossible with just a belt sander.

9) CHOP SAW- If you are actually going to do any framing or putting in the oak floors, a chop saw is a necessary addition to any at-home workshop. This will get you the square cuts you want every time, not to mention the ability to angle crown molding or giving miter edges to anything you make with the exact same angle is almost impossible if it is done by hand.

Belt Sanders: Not just for Skates Anymore

8) BELT SANDER- There are few finished projects that you might want to tackle where a belt sander won’t come in handy. Splinters suck (Exception: The talking rat from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles). What it the point of making that new coffee table out of old pallets if you get a chunk of pine in your palm every time you go for your beer.

7) TILE SAW- You may not be the type to do a lot of tile, but that is because you haven’t really been exposed to all the ways to utilize tile yet. We all know about bathroom floors and shower walls. What we don’t all do is kitchen back splashes, mosaic wall art, or even re-facing furniture. There are many artistic ways to use tile, and without a tile saw you can’t really experiment with them all.

6) COMPRESSOR AND ACCESSORY TOOLS- This probably belongs in the garage tools, but I had to throw a compressor in for all the things that it does do in a works shop. The nail gun alone will get plenty of use whether replacing the roof, putting up walls or taking out enemy beer cans. Add to the fact that you can get a paint gun, impact wrench, buffer and countless others, this is a must have for any homeowner.
5) STANLEY FUBAR– I have the 18 inch version of this Full Utility Bar (FUBAR) and love it. This is the ultimate hand tool of destruction that I have found. I have used it on tile walls, ripping out studs, pulling down plaster walls and ceilings, and even roofing. I plan on getting the 30″ version soon and possibly mounting it on a wall somewhere in my house. You may laugh, but nothing makes you feel like you can take on any task (Zombie Apocalypse included) like having one of these in your hands.

Once again, I am not getting paid for this

endorsement, but if Stanley was to send a check…

4) BAR AND C-STYLE CLAMPS- There are a lot of projects that the average wood-worker will create that will use glue or screws. To get things looking right, you will need to keep a tight seal for a while and you won’t always have the slave labor around to hold that piece of red oak to your furniture head board for 8 hours until the Elmer’s finally dries. A large collection of various clamps will be a great help when your neighbor’s children complain that they don’t like “the wood holding game” anymore.

“But you already have a wet bar and my fingers really hurt.”

3) CIRCULAR SAW- Okay, before I start off, Lets just say I feel bad about the child labor jokes, but luckily no one takes me seriously (Or read what I have to say). A good circular saw is a must have for any guy who wants to work on their home. There will always be a piece of plywood that needs to get ripped down to the right size. Making an 8 foot long cut with a hand saw on 3/4″ does not sound fun, especially if you have to cut 5 or six of them. Why do you think you never see any weak or happy Amish people?

Yes, it is a poorly photo shopped beard, but you

 try finding a picture of a shirtless Amish man .  

2) RECIPROCATING SAW- While a reciprocating saw won’t make you feel like more of a man the way the FUBAR will, but it is usually more effective. A good SawSall will let you cut through that ugly pink bathtub or through that old lead sewer line easily. This is one of those tools that will constantly find itself in your hands.

1) POWER DRILL- This is probably the one tool you will use most. If you don’t have one or have never used one, I demand that you get a large rubber “REVOKED” stamp and some red ink and apply to the crotch of every one of the pants you own. You have officially lost your “man-card”.


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