To Stainless or Not to Stainless

Seriously, a Hamlet rip off? Five posts in and he already stooped this low? A reference that everybody makes to pretend to be intelligent. I thought I was better than that. I disappoint me.

Now that I have addressed the voice in my head, it is time to work on the article at hand. According to Renovator’s Place, stainless could cost you an extra 10%-20% more than the same appliance in black and white. With this in mind, should you fork over the extra greenbacks for the extra shiny appliances? 

I tend to be of the school that they are worth the extra cash. They grab buyers attention when you are trying to sell the house. If you are in a tough market and want to squeeze out the extra pennies, they are almost mandatory. If you are in a newly renovated loft in an area like Manhattan, NOT having stainless could actually hurt your resale value when you decide to upgrade.

It also depends on the style and layout in your house. If you are living in a mid century cottage style house with a “rustic” look, you will save money and be comfortable browsing Craigslist for the cheap deals. That antique white GE gas range from 1972 you picked up for $100 second hand might be excusable in this situation, and it could look great. You have to pick your battles wisely here.

A major issue people reference is the difficulty keeping stainless clean. The smooth surfaces continue to accumulate fingerprints and most of our foods are not a deep silver reflective color (Depending on what you cook, traditional Irish food may be boiled to a pretty consistent yet inedible smooth gray texture. The rule of thumb should be Irish bars and Italian restaurants.).The best solution for this is to avoid using your kitchen as often as possible. Order take-out and eat it curled into a ball in your basement like Smeagle from Lord of the Rings. Do whatever you have to, build a wall, mark it off with police tape, anything. Just keep people out of the kitchen at all costs.

He will also keep guests away from your BooBerry Cereal

Okay, I may be getting away from the whole “practicality” issue for the sake of comedy. The better option is just to accept that they will get dirty and just find the best way to clean them. The best agent I could find online is actually vinegar. It is much cheaper than other “stainless steel cleaners” and works a lot better. If you choose to go the high end route and get something with a brand name, just avoid anything with chlorine. There are many opinions on this any no one seems to come to a solid conclusion. Even consumer reports simply says “all work well”

In reality (cop out ahead) it depends on your personal preference. It is the same as whether you decide on the leather sofa or its cloth counterpart. If you really want the modern look, you can’t do it with that 1999 Maytag in Eggshell White. That extra 10% might hurt now, but you’ll be happy you did it every day you walk into your kitchen. Pick what you like, and don’t skimp. Seeing an appliance you hate every day for five years is a buzz-kill that could be avoided.


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