So A Bar Walks Into a Home

That was a little forced, wasn’t it? I might not do that again. Let’s just ignore the fact that title happened and move onto the meat of the article.

The home bar should be a haven for relaxation in the home. This is the place you can stop off at half time, get a drink, and quickly move back to the couch before missing any of Howie Long’s bickering with Bradshaw. This has long been an aspiration for my space. I don’t want to miss any opportunity to miss a chance for a one sided argument with my Vizio, and not having to run to the kitchen is definately appealing.

We will save a design for a wet bar for a later day, but for now touch on what we should have on our at-home-watering-holes.
This is another area where you can let your personality show through. Think for a while about wht you drink and who you drink with. If you are still in the discount light beer phase of your life your bar will have a distinctly different look than your average martini lounger.

So, seeing as I am a Wild Turkey Manhattan man myself, there are a few things that EVERY home bar should have.

WELL LIQUORS- Don’t get me wrong, DO NOT copy brand for brand what your neighborhood bar uses in their wells. Pulling out that plastick 1.75 liter of fuel-grade vodka will ruin the illusion of class I am trying to create. Go a step or two up on whatever you buy.

There are six typical WELL LIQUORS in many bars that are not mixers like Vermouth or peach schnapps. Having medium quality bottles of each of these will show that you are trying to give everyone what they want. Here is a list of medium priced well liquors you should consider.

-Vodka- Sminoff, Absolut

-Bourbon-Wild Turkey, Jim Beam,

-Tequila- Cuervo Gold, 1800

-Gin-Gordons, Tanqueray

-Whiskey- Jack Daniels’, Jameson

-Rum-Bacardi, Ron Castillo

MIXERS: There are a lot of people who are not fans of drinking their liquor straight or on the rocks. Sadly, even though many people drink with a fruit juice, this is not advisable unless you have constant company. Cranberry and orange juices are best relagated to the fridge. These, however, are great things to have on your bar that won’t expire on you.

-Dry Vermouth, Sweet Vermouth, Cola (cans are best), Ginger Ale

-(Cans), Peach Schnapps, Rose’s Lime Juice, Grenadine.

These are merely suggestions, and if you do not know what these are used for or taste like, pick up a bartending book. I will be here waiting

GLASSWARE- This depends on they type of drinking you do and the type of drinking your guests do. I like to have a set of four of each type of bar glass (Wine, Martini, Pint, Rock) on or under the bar. This shows that you are at least trying to keep everyone happy. If you have someone come in upset that their E&J isn’t in a brandy snifter, then your freinds have gotten way to picky about free booze.

BARWARE- This again depends on the type of drinking you do, but there are a few staples that almost every barware set includes.

-Ice Bucket- Don’t make me explain this.

-Tongs- For the Ice.

-Cocktail Shaker- Used to mix multi-liquor cocktails (Soco Lime, Martini).

-Coctail Strainer- Used in combination with the strainer for chilled shots.

-Mixing Spoon- Long distance olive catapult.

-Jigger- 1 ounce metal shot glass for measuring.

-Bottle/Can opener- I will not dignify this with a response

-Corkscrew/Foil Knife- Opening Wine, stabbing the one buddy who is an annoying Patriots fan

WINE- Lets get this out there quickly, I do not pretend to be a wine snob by any strech. The rule of thumb I know of is Red wine goes with red meat, white wine goes with white meat. After that I have to sacrifice a small animal and wait for various heathen gods to answer me. Here is a quick few bottles of wine that go great with whatever meal you may be having. These can depend on HOW you are cooking whatever meat it is, but here are some guidelines on simple grillling/baking.

-Steak- Malbec

-Chicken- Sauvignon Blanc

-Turkey- Riesling

-Salmon-Pinot Noir

-Swordfish-Pinot Grigio

-Big Mac- MD 20/20

So, it has become obvious that I have over complicated something as easy as getting drunk at home. Go to the liquor store and shop around, grab what you like and have fun with it all. The whole point of the bar is relaxation.


What did I do Right Wrong?

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